Lea Salama could have followed “We Live” with Laurent Roquier

TV – Leah Salam, in turn, evokes the real reasons for stoppingWe are alive. On Saturday, July 9, Michel Symes gave an interview to the journalist from France 2 about the topic for the digital doctor platform Dr. Judd.

This is the first time I’m talking about this topic, breathe in the interview. Since then, everything has been written down. Talk to him. I don’t speak.” What she says is that “very quickly, three months later” after the show kicked off, co-host Laurent Roquier came to see her and told her he was considering stopping. He told her “I’m not happy.”

Lea Salama continues: “Laurent Roquier is someone I have been dealing with very well for daysWe are not in bed. “I adored you as a columnist,” he told me very clearly, “but, as a co-presenter, that frustrated me.” That’s what he told me. Me, you frustrated me a little less. I could have continued with him for years.”

According to her, Laurent Roquier “does not want to be angry.” “He’s proven enough, you think. He wants to have a show like him in hand. You don’t have to participate, to wait for Leah to do her interview with Michael Symes and then send the interview with Gad Elmaleh.

Announcing the end of the show, at the beginning of June, Laurent Ruquier made the point without going into details. “I tried, but despite my normal understanding with Leah Salameh, I find the exercise very frustrating,” he wrote, adding, “the discomfort of hosting a talk show.”

Seventeen years after serving in the second part of the evening on Channel Two, the star host confirmed, last May, that he is leaving this box. Lea Salama is the one who will succeed him with a new program called We can’t say anything anymore.

Two new programs on France 2

He will test two novelties in prime time. “The first would be a current affairs song show, where singers, impersonators or comedians perform current-events titles, either with their original script or a parody that I’ll write,” he said. explained to Parisianin the month of June.

The second case, called Today is like yesterdaywill deal with the news of the moment “From the perspective of yesterday’s photos. There will be guests on site and a big debate as I wanted to do on Saturday evening,” he continues. In addition to these two projects, he will also continue the show TV kids Sunday in France 2.

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