League Notes 2. Rodez

Gaetan Poussin 5/10

Several good outings on opposing long balls, a long shot saved by Boissier (19). Note a slightly difficult revival, but…

Gaetan Poussin 5/10

Several good outings on opposing long balls, a long shot saved by Boissier (19). Note a rather subtle recovery on the other hand during the first quiet period, always concentrated in the second, which was less easy for Bordeaux.

Malcolm Bukele 4/10

He is often taken in the back at the beginning of the meeting, with Logan Delaurier-ChapĂ©, due to Abdallah’s rapid ascent. There was her best time but turmoil, still with ‘LDC’, and she gave a goal ball to Rhodes at the end of the first half. So more consistent.

Stian Gregersen 3/10

Nothing too reassuring, in the rhythm, the duels, the reminders. Any desire to play other than flat and indented produces hot, boiling balls. He warned of a big mistake in the middle of the second half.

Junior Mwanga 5/10

No frills, but solid and clean, as his position required, and, like many, missed a lift time around the 20th minute, when Bordeaux, so happy to go 2-0 up, fired his technical requirements. The goal chance, from the head, in the second period, is poorly framed.

Jack Ikumi 6/10

Rhodes didn’t attack much on his side, that’s for sure, but he was flawless in duels, tough, and never gave up. From the end of the first period, he took advantage of his numerical superiority to climb further and further, but without igniting. Always solid at the back, with good surface interference on Savignak on the goal ball (80). Touched and replaced by Depussay (90 + 1).

Danilo Ignatenko 5/10

He is credited with his first goal, which he brought with a beautiful opening towards Bakwa, whose crosses were returned by the opponent’s goalkeeper at the feet of the Ukrainian. He almost doubled the bet in the same circumstances (22). There were also weaknesses, a lot of lost balls in the danger zone, nervous, but in a jiffy a long match accurate and useful. Very irregular. replace it Unana (72).

Francergio 6/10

To be seen again under greater physical pressure and rhythm, but in Rudez’s superb midfield, he was able to offside, notably to serve Bakwa in the second goal. An interesting long game, and Bakwa again, Delaurier too, about the unsuccessful actions this time. Two or three bullet losses too…

Tom Lakko 4/10

A good start to the game as he was one of the few who set the pace and found vertical passes. After that, it was a little more feverish, in part because he had to put up with losing balls to him, but he soon started doubling down on fouls without Rudes being able to cash in on the gifts. replace it Sissoko (78).

Dylan Bacoa 6/10

Man of the match, of course. Inseparable from Seco Mara last year off the field, here he is in the front row. Ignatenko served well in the first goal, not controlling the opening by maintaining his pace, but executing his side on a dribble fired from a standstill for a crucial cross. A typical action is repeated several times on his left side, slightly less when he swapped his left side.

Caviar Franchergio converted perfectly for the second goal but missed two more goals in the first half. His swing and dribble weakened Bardy and was largely responsible for knocking out two yellow cards from Rhodesin.

He is always active and solid in the second half of the lowest quality for his team, with this shot directed in particular by goalkeeper Rudez (82). replace it Marvin Delema (90 + 1), who, at the age of eighteen, scored his first professional goal on the first ball, because he was hungrier than all the other players involved in a mess on the line.

Josh Maja 3/10

Ah yes, he did a nice heel kick for Francergio for the second goal. Regardless, he looked heavy and indifferent, while there was a lot of fun in the middle of the opponent’s defense who wasn’t quick or calm. replace it euro (90 + 5).

Logan Delaurier Choupette 4/10

Logan Delaurier Choupette

Logan Delaurier Choupette

Quentin Salinier / Southwest

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