Lidl hits hard, these are the 3 best products to cool off this summer in the heat wave

Nowadays, unfortunately, we can no longer escape the heat wave brought on by the summer. The least we can do is find ways to survive the heat wave! That’s exactly when Lidl steps in. In fact, know that German Indignation is keeping its customers with a set of 3 essential products for this summer season. Known for the efficiency of its hardware, this new range will not disappoint you. Find us then in the following lines to find out more details!

Lidl: Products to Welcome Summer

Take the idea of ​​a dreary summer mood out of your mind because the summer season looks so good for Lidl. Product diversification is one of the main factors for which the brand attracts new customers. to Big promotions Shake up the brand’s stores where incredible deals are offered! Want to spend a refreshing moment on your balcony? Well, this inflatable pool will fulfill all your expectations. Garden lovers will also be spoiled with plenty of garden tools. Nothing is better than changing the tire to your priority!

In addition to our outdoor products, Lidl also brings you another essential for this summer! It is true that finding ways to withstand the heat can be exhausting. However, be aware that the brand always aims to make your daily life easier through its products. Practical, easy to use and efficient, this mini . freshener It is the perfect tool for you. It can be moved from room to room, and you can also adjust it with three speeds. With a power of 8 watts, the device has a water tank that humidifies the air. By the way, you can also fill it with ice cubes. More convenient than this does not exist yet. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy these great benefits for only 20 euros.

Portable air conditioner, that’s why I bought it

Apart from the mini portable air cooler, this portable air conditioner is the second device offered by Lidl. This device must be recognized She has more than one trick up her sleeve. In fact, this very practical tool, capable of cooling, can remove moisture and ventilate your home! Nothing better than enjoying a series on Netflix in a fresh air! As for its performance, don’t be afraid because its power is 2 kW. In fact, it is more than enough to satisfy your most demanding desires.

Lidl is a well-known brand for it Sell ​​products at low prices. And the portable air conditioner we featured above is the best example. Despite its various options, know that you can still get it at a very attractive price. However, plan to pay 229 to take full advantage of the advantages of this device. In addition to being practical, it can be controlled remotely. With a remote control and a downloadable app, you don’t have to get up to activate it!

Lidl: The famous column fan

Lidl hasn’t finished surprising you yet! In fact, the third device offered by the brand is as essential and practical as the previous ones. This is a great tower fan, perfect for cooling off this summer! Moreover, you can also change the room as often as you like since the height of the device is only 76cm. However, he would not risk occupying large areas. Features Three fan speedsYou can choose the option that suits you.

What makes this shaft ventilation more practical is the following. Know that the device has been disposed ofTimer with automatic shutdown. Basically, it must be said that Lidl has really thought of everything. In addition, this device can literally ventilate an entire room due to its oscillation of 90 degrees. So what are you waiting for to make your purchase? All you have to do is pay €24.99 to take advantage of these great features! Go without further delay to the brand’s stores to get some!

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