Ligue 2. Caen – FC Metz: Update on the workforce, the Centonze case, the opponent … What to remember from Laszlo Bölöni’s press conference

Man power

If Boubacar Traore, who was suspended against Amiens (3-0), is available again, Youssef Maziz will have to skip his turn, on Monday, in the trip from Messines to Caen. “I was happy to find Jouda Youssef Maziz in the midfield, but he will be absent in Caen. He is injured,” breathes Laszlo Boloni.

Kévin N’Doram will definitely have to wait before finding a spot on the set. “It works well and a lot, but we take tweezers with it,” explains Messen’s coach. “With his injuries and operations… he has to be careful. It’s also fair that Ismail Tarwari has not been summoned either.

On the other hand, and this is one of the good news this weekend, Maiga’s lover will be traveling to Normandy. It remains to be seen if he will line up from the start. “He will be on the set but I’m still thinking about whether to start it or not. I haven’t made up my mind yet.”

Cinnamon box

The right-hand side of the Metz club resumed group training normally this week. Something that makes his coach happy. “I’m glad he’s starting to do some serious training. He’s responding very well, even to more physical sessions as he was at the beginning of the week”, Zlatu Laszlo Boloni. “He recovered a bit on Friday with a modified program but is fine. Now it is up to him to make sure he no longer has any concerns about his injuries and setbacks. But I think he is on the right track.”

“At first, we looked at each other from afar, but now I know him,” confirms the Romanian technician. “I’ve discovered the player – who I hope can find the pitch soon – and I have also discovered a very nice young man who is doing his job well. I don’t dare talk too much about his comeback, especially because he hasn’t had any time to play since the restart. He needs to get back physically but also in football. . »

First flight to Caen

“The start of the championship, as we know, is important and for things to go well we need to have all our assets in our hands. At the moment, that is not the case. It is a bit of a difficult time for us,” said the FC Metz coach. However patient to see my team play away against the stable Caen, which is very interesting in terms of size and speed of play as well. Tactically, it’s solid. It’s a good review for us. But the tests, we will run them regularly. We had to take our first step, we did it well (opposite Amiens). Not everything was perfect, but we were good despite everything. After that, there is the second step and then the third, etc. »

Monday night match

“For once, it turned out to be a bit useful for us,” assures Laszlo Boloni. “We won two days and this allowed us to continue our sporting preparation: we took a little extra work at the beginning of the week to devote ourselves, in the end, to the tangible problems of the match.”

Transfer period, a malfunctioning item…

“Yes, some players are upset. And most annoyingly, I know who it is. But I won’t tell you…”

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