Live broadcast – Strasbourg-Monaco: Monaco is fine!

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Strasbourg tied!!!!

Another header from Diallo to score and equal!!! Meinau is crazy!!!

Prcic grow up

Prcic takes care of a very good free kick, but his shot hits right at the wall.

The crowd has fallen

There are 25,359 supporters in La Meinau.

Change in Monaco

Diatta was replaced by Matazo.

Salt it again!

After a cross, Akliush heads, but hits Seals, who succumbs to the corner!

Another yellow card

This time it is Diatta who has been warned.

Last change in Strasbourg

Lenard is replaced by Jean.

first yellow card

Fofana is warned to save time when taking the free kick.

Monaco is pushing forward

Monegasques wants to try to get back to the shelter, at the scoreboard level.

Embolo was an offside

A free kick was required, Embolo hit Sells, but he was offside.

The second change for Monaco

Martins was replaced by Vanderson.

Fofana’s small network

On the right side, he hits Fofana, but spins into the small net.

Danger in front of Monaco’s goal

On the right, Delane sends a powerful cross in front of the goal, but Monaco shows.

Strasbourg believes in it

La Meinau got up and urged his men to rush forward.

Gameiro crash in the box

But the referee does not whistle for an error.

It’s time to train

Bellegarde, Perrin, and Ajorque were replaced by Aholou, Le Marchand, and Gameiro. Diop makes way for Akliouch.

Strasbourg is back!!!

After a cross from Delaine, coming from the right, Diallo, in the far corner, he found the defect in his head!!! Meinau wakes up!!

Monaco is still in the attack

Monaco is on the offensive and not in real danger in this meeting.

Post Monaco!

Sallus touches the ball and stops it, but Lucas finds the post!

The game can be resumed

Everyone got up and the same 22 reps took over the game.

Great contact in the surface

Embolo and Dzeko are still on the ground in the Strasbourg region. The referee stopped playing.

Strasbourg is back on the wall

The Strasbourg club is trying to move forward in an effort to bridge the gap fairly quickly.

Diop to break!!!!

Diop is there to return the ball to the empty goal! Previously, Sels stepped in again. It’s 2-0 to Monaco.

Monaco is growing

Monaco had a corner to negotiate, but they got it wrong and couldn’t create the danger.

Another great release from Sells!

Sils comes to intervene in front of Diata who presented himself alone against the porter of Strasbourg!

We demand punishment!

In the zone, he hits Agorky, but responds. Then we demand a penalty kick, in exchange for a hand from Desasi, but the referee does not flinch.

Martins is already appearing

Martins, right-footed hook, goes inside before spinning the other side, but his ball skips.

Change in break

For Strasbourg, Delane replaces Pierre Gabriel.

It’s time for the second period!

The match started and Monaco clashed.

It’s the first half!

At the end of the first 45 minutes of play, Monaco tops the Strasbourg grass thanks to a goal from Crippen Diatta (43).

Release the Nobel!

Monaco goalkeeper is ahead of Diallo and accepts a quick corner kick.

What a goal for Diata!!!!!

In this corner, Diatta takes the volleyball and leaves no chance for Sells!! What purpose!

Monaco insists on

Diop collides with Nyamsi, who concedes another corner kick in favor of Monaco. Fifth Monaco.

Another sneak

Diop is still the one to be surprised. Then Monaco quickly regained the ball.

Diop appears

Diop, after directed control, hits, but goes.

Salt release!

Martins is found on the cross, can’t negotiate this ball and hits Sels, the author of a good new walk.

new corner

It’s time for Monaco.

The two teams continue to neutralize each other

Strasbourg and Monaco scored two goals.

Corner for Strasbourg

A good defensive return from Jacobs, who concedes a corner kick to Strasbourg.

The Plane!

Jacobs tries the shot, but it is safe for Sales, who catches the ball.

Embolo, again!

After a free kick, Embolo can hit the area, but Lenard hits it. Corner of Monaco.


His attempt at the end goes wide and his ball flies away.

Strasbourg puts its foot on the ball

But he struggled to project forward.

Then try Lenard the head

But it is very far from reality.

Leonard Strike!

Lenard takes his chance from the right, but Noble rests entirely to fend off a corner kick!

The discussions are balanced

We’ve been playing for 20 minutes and Strasbourg is more dangerous in attack.

It’s heating up against Monaco’s goal!

Aguilar returns in front of his goal to clear him, while the danger was in place after this free kick from Lenard.

Errors keep popping up

This time, it is Strasbourg who gets a good free kick on the left side.

Prcic takes risks

In front of his roof, the Strasbourg player is doing well despite opposing pressure.

Lucas’ big hit!

From a distance, Lucas seizes his chance. Sels, with this floating track, does not risk and turns the ball over his rod! Corner of Monaco.

Monaco laundry business

Monaco presses his opponent hard, hinders him in recovery and recovers the high balls.

Diop failed!

Scooting in the zone, Diop pushes his ball too far. Behind, torrent, after slip, working fine.

Commitment of both sides

Strasbourg is trying to take advantage of the opponent’s loss of the ball to present itself forward.

Prcic’s Cannon Shot

From afar, Prcic fires a powerful shot, but Nubel can step in and grab the ball.

The first corner of the game

It is for Monaco, which is still ahead.

The flag is already rising

Diop is indeed in a striking position, in the zone, but he’s slipping away. Infiltration has been reported.

Let’s go first period!

The match started and Strasbourg clashed.

Monaco started in the starting line-up with Empolo and many changes

FC Monaco make a slight turn on the first day of the tournament, while the club is still looking to qualify for the Champions League. Ahead of the return leg against PSV Eindhoven on Tuesday, Clement made six changes to his starting lineup from the first leg, including starting as a starter for Braille Embolo in attack.

Strasbourg XI with Pierre Gabriel

Strasbourg’s first eleventh of the 2021-22 season was only one rookie: Ronel-Pierre Gabriel. The player loaned from Mainz will make his first appearance in Alsatian uniform.

Strasbourg is a confirmed value for the French League 1

After dark years, Racing is now well established in Ligue 1, as evidenced by a sixth place in the last practice on orders from Julien Stéphan. RCSA will be keen to confirm this season, why not go to Europe…

Renewed team in Monaco

Watched by PSV Eindhoven on Tuesday night (1-1) in the first leg of the third qualifying round of the Champions League, Monaco must travel to Alsace without a certain number of the usual key players.

Thus Golovin and Voland were suspended, while Badiachiel, Badu and Minamino were injured.

Good morning all !

Welcome to this live stream dedicated to Strasbourg-Monaco, the second match of the 2022-2023 Ligue 1 season. Kick off at 5pm in La Meinau!

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