Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, what unites them and what separates them

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Who will be the tenant of 10 Downing Street on the evening of September 5, 2022? Between British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, a favorite of bookmakers, and former finance minister Rishi Sunak, the campaign is likely to be active in the coming weeks. photo.

From our correspondent in London,

White blouse with tie and black jacket, Liz Truss, 46, presents herself as the worthy heiress to Margaret Thatcher. So much so that he copied his dress code in the first television debate to lead the party. She worked in the energy and telecommunications sector for ten years before entering politics. If her parents placed the cursor to the left, she would be positioned to the right of the Conservative Party. Like her opponent, she attended Oxford University.

in front of her, Rishi Sunak, 42 years old, was born in Southampton to parents from the northern Indian state of Punjab. His father a doctor and his mother a pharmacist settled in Great Britain in the 1960s, and after working in finance he became a deputy and then a minister. He was an early supporter of Boris Johnson during the Brexit campaign.

Small Snack Pots

But the shattered ex-economy minister is the opposite of the former prime minister. Sleek, soft, does not make waves. Except when, on July 5, he decided to resign his position as Secretary of the Treasury because of ” Basically very different approaches with its leader. Decision drops Boris Johnson. This was followed by a series of defections from the government. ” Anyone but Rishi He would have endorsed the resigned prime minister during the race for the party leadership.

The candidate will also have to forget two pieces of information that were revealed last spring. His wife is the daughter of one of the richest founders of the Indian tech giant Infosys. While she was living with her husband, the Minister of Economy, in Downing Street, she was not in England, but in India. A legal provision that allows him not to pay tax on his vast wealth. Not illegal then, but it’s embarrassing. She ended up changing her status and now paying her taxes in the country. But the damage was done, this revelation damaged her husband’s reputation.

Another embarrassment: Like Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak will have to pay a fine for his participation in his prime minister’s birthday party during the pandemic. He, too, is interested Party Gate.

Two points will not help one of the richest members of Parliament prove that he is a man of change, that he will be able to adapt, while the country is going through one of the biggest crises in the world. The cost of living decades.

Liz Truss, Pogo contestant

Liz Truss, current Secretary of State, is a pogo filter, its continuity…without the pans. or almost. In a speech she gave at a party conference, she said that Britain imported two-thirds of its cheese, Shame A speech later derided, especially by conservatives.

In terms of politics, the candidates are on the right line for the party. The main point of contention between them: taxes. Liz Truss says she wants to cut it to ease the burden on residents. A way to help Britons withstand 9.4% inflation. A way above all to flatter the Conservatives who will vote. But critics point out that inflation is likely to rise in response to lower taxes.

Rishi Sunak, who has just left his post, wants to be more careful. During his tenure, he raised taxes amid the pandemic, to help a faltering public service. It has created billions of euros in aid programs to keep jobs and businesses. He has warned about it since then Difficult choices ahead To address record levels of national debt incurred during the pandemic, despite the unprecedented crisis in the cost of living.

So there is no tax cut before 2024. These will be cuts.” It will stimulate growth awarded by responsibly “and only” After controlling inflation Thus he compares Liz Truss advertisements to Warm fairy tale Which is advised not to fall.

Two Brexit supporters convinced

For the rest, they tend to agree. The two days of the heat wave didn’t make global warming any more interesting to them. Rishi Sunak remained in office: “ We must not go too fast and too aggressively with climate action. While Liz Truss intends to suspend the tax on green energy.

The two candidates also present themselves as disguised Brexiters. However, Liz Truss voted against it in 2016, which earned her a lot of criticism from conservatives. She has since said she regrets and made up for her time as minister by striking post-Brexit trade deals with Japan and Australia. For his part, Rishi Sunak supported the referendum from its early hours and assured that the UK would be ” More free, fair and prosperous “Outside the European Union.

Sending illegal immigrants to Rwanda has a place in their programmes. It must be said that Home Secretary Priti Patel’s controversial project is appreciated by conservatives.

The finalists have all summer to impress the party, and this time, all members of the Conservatives, including the activists, are concerned. The latest poll showed Liz Truss the favorite to be overtaken by her rival. He insists: He is the only one who can win Keir Starmer, leader of the Labor Partyin the next general election, to be held in 2024.

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