LOL: Heroes that are impossible to win with after half an hour of play

When we analyze the performance of champions in League of Legends, we do so from a general perspective. Unconsciously or based on basic stats, we perform a quick scan to determine if a character is interesting. This is actually a very useful exercise. However, if we go that route, we risk missing out on some of the most exciting details Riot Games has to offer to champions. It’s something to think about and it can help us make really good decisions when it comes to adapting everything to our playing style.

Heroes suffering the most during the minutes

After looking at some other interesting facts, like which heroes did the most damage or heal the most, we decided to focus on a less obvious case this time around. There are hardly any metrics and we had to go through them on a case-by-case basis, but with an emphasis on advanced stats we can identify What are the worst League of Legends champions as the game progresses. A gallery of characters that could have done well overall, but who will leave us stuck if we don’t finish the game quickly.

Here are the five characters that stand the test of time the worst.
















The truth is that these statistics are intriguing, because we have Three heroes whose win rate can drop by about 20% as the game progresses. The most amplified case is that of Pike, who could leave us stuck at any moment. This makes sense when you think about it, as he is one of the characters who finds himself in the worst position when his opponents start equipping Zhonya Hourglass or Guardian Angel. The situation is similar to Tryndamere, who also underperforms in team fights five seconds after its end.

However, what caught our attention the most was the Elise case. You might suspect that this champion was among the worst in League of Legends in the final minutes, but it was hard to expect it to be over the top. It is honestly the worst of the 161 options currently available in the game. In large part, this is also due to its lack of scaling. It is similar to the case of Rumble or Rek’Sai, although slightly exaggerated. There are heroes who don’t increase their damage at the same rate as others and you can’t go wrong with game systems for not favoring them.

Despite being twice as big, Elise does well in ranked games - League of Legends
Despite its low scaling, Elise delivers great performance in rated games

All things considered, these champions are not the worst in League of Legends. Data places Rumble as the worst performer in ranked matches, but he won 50.25% of his matches. To give other examples, Rek’Sai has spent a lot of the last few patches in our tier list and Tryndamere was played competitively last season. In that sense, we don’t have to avoid these heroes as long as they fit our style. If of course you prefer long games that often exceed 30 minutes of play, then of course it is not your best option.

Since its publication, the Star Guardian event in League of Legends has suffered from so many bugs that progressing in it has become impossible for some people. So Riot Games decided to extend it.

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