London Heathrow in turn limits the number of daily passengers

Britain’s largest airport, which is struggling to find employment, is telling companies not to sell plane tickets for the summer.

Another blow to air transport. London Heathrow Airport, Britain’s main “hub”, is scaling back its flight schedule this summer: After dozens of cancellations on Monday, it announced on Tuesday July 12 that it would limit the number of departing passengers to 100,000 for two months. 4000 is less than its forecast. Like other British and European airports, which have been in shambles for months with cancellations, delays, long queues or baggage delivery issues, Heathrow is struggling to accommodate the resumption of demand, mainly due to staff shortages. ” On average, only about 1,500 of these 4,000 seats were sold (decommissioned) per day, so we’re asking our partner companies to stop selling air tickets for the summer to reduce the impact on passengers. Heathrow chief executive John Holland Kaye said in a statement.

Thousands of flights have been canceled this summer

Passengers line up inside the departure hall of Terminal 2 at Heathrow Airport in London, Britain on June 27, 2022. Henry Nichols/Reuters

According to him, some vital airport functions are still severely understaffed. In particular ground personnel appointed by airlines To manage check-in or baggage handling in particular.

The day before, the airport had already canceled 61 flights, having asked certain airlines, at the end of June, to ease their flight schedules. Companies such as British Airways, Wizz Air or EasyJet, for their part, recently canceled thousands of flights this summer to prepare their programs with reduced capacity.

They have benefited in particular from the temporary relaxation of the rules governing take-off and landing periods this summer, an initiative by the British government to allow companies to adjust their schedule without losing their rights for the following season.

Not all companies play the game

But if some airlines You have taken great steps “To ensure maximum flight after this relaxation, not everyone has played the game, criticizes Heathrow Airport, hence the new seat limit, valid until September 11, with a view to” Protect flights for the vast majority of passengers “.

British airlines and airports, which laid off thousands of people at the height of the pandemic, are now struggling to recruit. Heathrow says it started hiring in November and estimates that by the end of July it will have as many security staff as it did before the pandemic.

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