Longoria’s despair is caused by this volatility of Eraud and Rudy Garcia

Kevin Strootman arrived at OM in 2018, and is now one of the undesirables the club wants to break away from entirely. The Dutchman still earns a hefty salary in Marseille, which makes the premise of a potential move complicated.

Kévin Strootman has been announced as one of the big stars of Frank McCourt’s OM Champions Project, and he’s now putting OM in an awkward position. He recruited nearly 25 million in summer 2018, one of the club’s biggest failures since OM went under the American flag. On the other hand, because of the high price that the administration had to pay to attach its services to Roma, especially because the Dutchman did not impose himself in Marseille.

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Today, Kevin Strootman is a real thorn in the side of running Marseille. If Pablo Longoria praises his behind-the-scenes professionalism, he will not be able to contain his frustration with his predecessor Jacques-Henri Eyro’s poor choices over this operation he considers precarious. The Marseille president has called on the former Roma player to find a new club as soon as possible, although leaving OM appears complicated due to his high salary and low rating in the transfer market.

Ribalta will take care of sales – M.Grégoire

Pablo Longoria said in an interview in Provence in December 2020 that Pablo Longoria considers Javier Ribalta one of his references in football. Ribalta is his friend, I think he surrounds himself, he has developed his close guard, and I think Ribalta will take care of sales in particular. We have seen that he is already very active in the profile of Luis Henrique in Turin with his Italian networks, because we have to get out of the players, I think he will relieve Longoria of some tasks but then in the profile we are already on something quite similar, focused on Longoria, but maybe he thinks Longoria that he has a lot to do as president, he doesn’t really like it, interviews, meetings with Benoît Payan, rent is not his favorite area. Longoria believes that Ribalta could get back to the heart of the business as deal engineering, things like that. Personally, I think it’s modern football. I compare Longoria with Luis Campos (the coach of Paris Saint-Germain) and Ribalta is like that too, they have their qualities and their flaws. Their qualities are that they will sometimes bet on a player who will make an explosion, on a very great talent, besides, they are the new generation managers who work a lot with delegations, with the same agents always with commissions, it is the Campos team in Lille, we saw that with the transfer of Victor Osimhen where she was There are things that are poorly explained. In my opinion, there are good and bad sides, I don’t judge it, I just say it corresponds to modern football. But, whether it’s Longoria or Ribalta, to make the transfer window great, they are specialists but there are good and bad sides. » Mathieu Gregoire – Source: Marseille Football Club (06/27/2022)

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