Losing Weight After 40: Top 4 Simple Ways to Definitely Lose Weight

Life after forty is increasingly complex. Lack of time, fatigue, stress, it all leaves little It’s time to take care of your weight. Thus, the metabolism is slowed down, and it becomes difficult to lose weight because the body is less easy to function. However, studies show that between the twenties and sixties of the last century, the body will have same metabolism. So it should not be a hindrance to losing weight. So losing weight depends more on your lifestyle. Sleep, diet, water and exercise are keys to achieving your goals, we explain it all here!

Weight gain or loss after the age of 40

Many studies have been done on weight over time. Even if this topic does not interest everyone, many still feel that the spouses are gaining weight or being in a body that they do not particularly like. Also, these studies have shown that we generally gain a kilogram or two per year over time. Although the kilogram is small, it adds to what it was in the previous year, the year before and so on.

This means that Every 10 years we gain ten to twenty kilograms. Those numbers are actually even crazier. But even worse, between twenty and fifty years of age, this translates to a weight gain equivalent to 20 or 4 kilograms more. Women also have hormonal deficiencies that work around the age of 50. In fact, with menopause the hormones decrease, and this can lead to weight gain. In general, they gain between 2 and 7 kilograms during this period.

Weight gain, why?

According to a study published in Science in August 2021, we have learned many things about gaining or losing weight. First, the study was conducted on 500 people of all ages. The results are clear, the metabolic rate does not really change after 40 years. The big difference comes from the fact that you burn fewer calories than you did when you were younger. The same is true between men and women. In fact, if we look at a man and a woman of the same size and build, thenTheir metabolism won’t necessarily be very different. Thus from the study show 4 main stages during life.

In the first year of life, the ability to burn calories is maximum

In the next 20 years, metabolism loses 3% per year of speed

Until the age of 60, metabolism rarely varies.

After the age of 60, metabolism slows down by 1% per year.

Thus, the forty-year stage is not fundamental to the metabolism. These are other reasons not to lose. In general it is because lose your musclesBecause you’re not moving enough, you’re eating way too many calories, not enough oxidants. Psychological factors play a role, stress, anxiety, fatigue, medications.

Weight loss after 40

Whether you are 20 or 50 years old, weight loss will happen the same way.


Food is the fuel of our bodies, so it is best to pay attention to it. You can keep a food diary or keep track of it on an app. This promotes long-term weight loss. You should choose a low-calorie diet. To do this, avoid processed foods. Instead, whole and real foods, fiber (vegetables, fruits, broth…), proteins (fish, yogurt…). You can also try reducing portions, using smaller plates, Avoid oil, sugar and fats Generally.

cook yourself

Yes, even cooking can take a while, but at least you know what you’re eating. This allows you Find out how many calories Right there on your plate.

Playing sports

There is no secret, sport is one of the keys. If you build muscle, your metabolism increases, and you will lose more weight. Plus, to know that fat takes up much more space than muscle. So you will look leaner if you have 70 pounds of muscle instead of fat. On the other hand, with age, you may find it more difficult to do intense exercises, so try to do some exercises Regularly To keep your heart and body trained.

Mental state affects weight loss

Whether due to lack of sleep or stress, these two factors increase the risk of weight gain. Both increase cortisol levels which play a role in not losing weight. Some tips to improve this. Sleep at least 7 hours a night, creating a sleep routine, Do breathing exercises, do not consume a lot of coffee or alcohol.


Losing weight is not easy, but beyond that, it must be maintained. Unfortunately, you risk regaining the lost weight if not more if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is why Hard diets are not a good idea.

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