“March against Expensive Living” video: Philippe Martinez (CGT) Jean-Luc Mélenchon reminds that “social mobilization is the responsibility of the unions”

“Social mobilization is the responsibility of the trade unions” , Monday, July 11 at franceinfo, Philip Martinez. CGT General Secretary sent this letter to Jean-Luc Melenchon, leader of La France insoumise who wants to organize at the beginning of the school year “A great march against the high cost of living”. A social initiative that can To give ‘the beginning of the school year somehow’said the rebel leader.

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But Philip Martinez does not intend for us to walk on his toes in social protest: “It seems to me that social mobilization is the responsibility of the trade unions. It has been this way for a very long time and political formations have been supporting social mobilization, and it is needed, but we must not confuse the typesHe replied.

Professional strike on September 29

The CGT leader sets a date for the start of the school year, calls a strike day among professionals on September 29, while a new meeting of unions is held on Monday. “It is possible that other organizations, in one way or another, will join the idea of ​​the need to mobilize”He said.

The first union meeting took place before Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne’s speech. “We just waited for the policy speech in anticipation.”but “The fact that her announcement is faithful to what the President of the Republic says, that we have to work longer, I hope will bother more than one”Philip Martinez said. That appears to be the case, as CFDT Secretary General Laurent Berger, Thursday 7 July, warned the government of the danger ‘Social chaos’ If the government announces at the beginning of the school year that the legal retirement age will be postponed. “If Laurent Berger says that, I welcome it.”amused CGT head.

The only way to improve the purchasing power of the French, ‘It’s to raise wages’, estimated, at franceinfo, Philip Martinez. We also need to review “All about taxes on energy”.

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