Married at First Sight: Frederic introduces his new lover, and ex-Emily reacts bitterly to this news!

Monday, July 18, 2022, was a very important day for Frederic, the sixth season nominee of Married At First Sight. a statement The identity of his new girlfriend A few months after his split from Emily. If the experience of “married” at first sight does not allow him to meet his other half, then Frederick is now very happy in love. But Emily, his ex-wife, does not share his happiness …

Frederic and his new girlfriend

In an Instagram story, the ex-M6 candidate introduced his new girlfriend Vanessa. The charming blonde has been dating for nearly a year already. It is now certain that Emily and Frederic will not be back together. He answered some questions on social media about Vanessa’s presence in his life. ” Vanessa has been by my side for eight months. Like I tell everyone, take a step back. As a viewer, when I watched the episodes, it felt like it happened yesterday. It only happened about a year ago. So Water flowed under the bridges.

He referred to the final episode of “Married at First Sight,” hinting that Vanessa was supposed to appear but was omitted from the edit. “IThey made him come home for a day of filming. Unfortunately, they didn’t air his show even though that was the basic plan. they prefer Make me think I was sorrywhen it really wasn’t.So Frederick and Vanessa drove the perfect story in secret in recent months. But it was no secret to his ex-wife.

Ex-wife Emily’s reaction

In fact, Frederick shared this secret with Emily to avoid any surprises. As noted, when asked about it, she said she had known about it for a short time. She explained in an interview: I knew for a long time that he had a girlfriend. He told me the day of the divorceHowever, despite the short responses, indicating a lack of emotion, one response caught the attention of netizens.

Indeed, during this interview, Emily was bitter towards Frederick. ” After the harm he’s done to us, I don’t want to Neither happiness nor misery. For me, it does not exist.captivated. Although their early days together were moments worthy of a romantic movie, their relationship quickly deteriorated after a few unexpected arguments. Thus, the two candidates finally realized that their personalities and ambitions could not go along, despite their natural attraction. However, Since the end of the show for the ex-couple He never fails to tear it up on social media Throwing spears repeatedly at each other.
It must be admitted that Emily was disappointed very quickly after her involvement in Married at first sight.

True, their story was promising, even they were 86% compatible. However, strong disagreements soon marred their promising marriage. After the cult show aired, Frederick’s ex-wife revealed a few things. ” I was so disappointed, Fred had left me the day before at home. I was in pain, I was crying. The divorce did not go away as I saw. Unfortunately, it was too violentShe is now single, but she is not looking for anything serious. Instead, she wants to to change lifewhich she did, moving with her daughter to Lyon on a whim.

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