Michelle Obama left Viard in turn for Flamarion

After revamping its administration in June, Fayard saw the departure of several disgruntled authors. Its former boss, Sophie de Closets, became Flammarion’s CEO in mid-July.

Flammarion Editions announced Thursday, July 21, that it will publish the next book by Michelle Obama, the author who has left Viard Editions after losing several authors in recent weeks.

This light is in us It is scheduled to be released on November 15, the same day as in English (The light we carry) and in eleven other languages ​​including Chinese, Spanish or Portuguese. The 58-year-old former First Lady of the United States is one of the world’s best-selling authors in recent years. His 500-page autobiography translated into 50 languages, had become (2018), has sold more than 17 million copies worldwide.

After revamping its administration in June, Fayard saw the departure of several disgruntled authors. Her former manager, Sophie de Closets, had left in March a home she had managed for eight years. She became the CEO of Flammarion in mid-July.

had become It has been one of Fayard’s great successes in recent years. Flammarion remembers selling some “More than 500,000 copies of all formats in French”.

Convince Obama

The new French publisher of Michel Obama did not specify the conditions under which this change of publisher was made. But Sophie de Closets said in 2020 to Express How I Personally Invested in Acquiring the French Language Rights to The Obama Husbands Books.

As part of a delegation from Hachette, the world’s number three publishing and parent company of Fayard, during a 2017 meeting in Washington with Barack Obama, she was among those who persuaded him to sign. “The fact that Obama was talking as a writer and not just as a former head of state certainly played a role.”I believed.

Thus, Sophie de Closets won the first volume of Barack Obama’s memoirs of Vailler, Promised Land, published in 2020. After millions of copies have been sold worldwide, the publication date of the second volume is not known. according to financial times, At the end of their meetings with publishers in 2017, Obama secured a $65 million receipt, an unprecedented amount in the sector, by signing with Penguin Random House (Bertelsmann Group).

in This light is in usFlammarion defines, “Michelle Obama offers her readers untold personal stories and insightful reflections on change, adversity, and strength.”. she Share with us tips, stories and effective strategies to stay optimistic and calmEditor added.

Flammarion is part of the Madrigall Group, which is controlled by the Gallimard family. Hachette Livre, the parent company of Fayard, came under the control of billionaire Vincent Bolloré in May during a public presentation by his group, Vivendi, to rival Lagardère.

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