Miss France breaks her tooth in the middle of dinner, the unlikely reason

This Saturday, July 23, a A new episode of the show Boyar Castle has been published. As tradition dictates, each new Miss France participates every year. So viewers were able to find Diane Leyre in really unexpected situations! She interviewed our colleagues from Parisian To tell them about this wonderful team experience. On this occasion, she captivated us several times and also took the opportunity to tell us about her latest adventures, which once again showed that she was not the perfect Miss France! As usual, you crack codes. We explain to you what happened.

Diane Lear had an accident in Guyana!

From the very beginning of her secret, Diane Lear has always been very comfortable on television and expressing herself. It was already in her blood and she wanted to stay normal. Know that if you are a fan of Miss France and you are happy to see her boyar castle, You will be able to find it in another show. In fact, from next September, it will start waves Virgin Radio. Diane Laer will give the morning news there, morning without filterwith the columnist TPMPand Guillaume Genton and Fabian Deletris.

I thought it was a great idea. With my role as Miss France, there is always a slight frustration of not being everywhere at once, and thanks to the radio, this allows me to start being with as many people as possible on a daily basis.admitted to reporters in Parisian. The beautiful brunette is starting to prepare for the end of her year…

Diane Laer had an accident in Guyana

Diane Lair just took off for Guyana. She was participating in her first regional election as a beauty queen. A journey from which she was no longer safe… Indeed Miss France broke her age ! The person who just celebrated his 25th birthday was kind enough to say more during the interview.

After Guyana, it is necessary to visit the dentist …

Diane Lear has a great sense of humor. That’s why this adventure was called “The Sensitive Case of the Broken Obstacle” and so Bringing the accused to Aqaba. In Guyana, I am at the table at a formal dinner, A bat hits my foreheadI try to avoid it, jump back, My belt with a broken chain. I’m trying to fix it by putting it in my mouth and… I broke my two front teeth!says Diane Lear.

And she did not hesitate to show her followers a picture of her broken teeth. Another way of saying that she’s not a miss like the others and that she wants to Breaking the codes of the perfect Miss France. ” I’m at a mockery of myself, and I’m not ashamed of anything! “ Before continuing, Diane Laer explains:I “paint nature” as much as it is in business speech or in utter nonsense.

Rest assured, since this incident, she has been to the dentist to find her beautiful teeth!

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