Morgan Creek Head Announces Dates for Bitcoin’s Next Bullish Round

long waiting – This Morgan Creek Executive Believes Bitcoin (BTC) Bullishness Will Wait for the Next Block Reward Halving (half), although markets are entitled to a technical recovery in the meantime.

Bitcoin Bull Rise: Not This Year, Not A Year From Now

Everyone goes there for a bit of their hypothesis, with a crystal ball. Cryptocurrency players are trying to guess the agenda of bears and bulls, based in particular on historical data. So predicts Morgan Creek Investment Director, Mark Yusko Two years of bear markets for the price of bitcoin.

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Then the bulls’ legs will be frozen, numb from the cold, or even weakened, unable to run long distances. Neither a bull race in 2022, nor in 2023 according to Zusko, which years will be rather difficult As for the price of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency markets, whose cycle tends to align with that of the oldest cryptocurrency.

Bear and Bull Season: Spring Before Summer

In the short term, Mark Yusko still has doubts that the price of Bitcoin has reached lower for this session. The price of the cryptocurrency is Dropped below $18,000, in the month of June. It has since regained basic support.

However, the markets remain cautious and await a breakout of a major short-term resistance area, to confirm the start of a technical recovery that could bring the bitcoin price back to levels near $30K.

Mark Yusko also provides, of course, a long-term uptrend in a couple of years, but he still expects minor upward corrections in the short term. Coded winter must be additionally Expires in two years. Crypto spring is coming much sooner, but bulls and warm summer weather won’t return to the markets until 2024.

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The End of the Bear Market and Pre-Bull: A One-Year Advance Race

The founder of XOR Strategy, Aurélien Ohayon, recently shared a chart on Twitter, to show that Bitcoin is about to enter pre-bullet territory, thus exiting a bear market.

The long-term forecasts derived from this chart are more optimistic One of Marc Yusko’s. Bitcoin price will enter bull territory after mid-2023, to reach the new six-digit ATH for the next bullish cycle, after mid-2024.

Before the bitcoin price returned to around $20,000, forecasts insisted on an imminent rise in the cryptocurrency’s price to $100,000. Mark Yusko’s predictions are cautious, considering that the next half It will be the impetus for the next bullish run. But history is not always an eternal recurrence.

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