Mortgage credit: how much can you borrow from the bank with a salary of 2,000 euros?

Want to access the property but are wondering if it is possible with your income? If so, how much can you claim with a salary of 2,000 euros per month? light.

Before you start buying a property, you need to ask yourself several questions, including: How much can I borrow from my salary? To answer the latter, nothing is better than turning to your bank or broker. Here are some answers first.

What you can borrow with 2000 euros per month

Mr. Houtrique, a banker at Crédit Mutuel Opéra in Montpellier, gives us some details. It shows that the ability to borrow varies with age and the borrower, Because of the borrower’s insurance. In fact, uA borrower who is approaching retirement age will have less borrowing capacity than a young person starting to work because of the borrower’s insurance cost.

howeverAnd the With a salary of 2,000 euros, the monthly loan payment should not exceed 700 euros, which could result in a borrowing capacity of about 155,000 euros over 25 years.

Additional loans can be added to this study (a loan of €20,000 at a rate of 0 for first-time buyers, a loan for a business owner at 1%, a loan at a rate of 0 in the case of a new purchase).

Another important ingredient: a Bring Required to finance additional costs (notary fees, collateral, file corresponding to approximately 10% of the property amount).

Maël Bernier, a Meilleurtaux spokesperson, gave some advice in June to our colleagues at Money Fox : “In this period of rapidly rising prices, my main advice is to be careful. When you go to see your bank or broker, you will get a financing envelope but it is better to look for properties a little below, because what we offer you at the beginning of June will not It is true in August. So I advise you to remove €10,000 from your envelope to prepare for an emergency.”

Bankers increasingly demanding?

By raising key interest rates on Thursday, July 21 for the first time since 2011, in response to accelerating inflation, the European Central Bank confirmed the end of a long period of accessible money. Historically low averaging 1.06% last December, Prices have been on the rise since then.. In one semester, it is up 0.4 to 0.7% depending on the banks and the trend will continue.

The result: more difficulty in obtaining credit for individuals. More obvious discovery in the former Languedoc-Roussillon, where purchasing power is low, and where Real estate prices are still high and properties for sale are scarce. With, in the list of the most attractive cities, Montpellier and Cite, followed immediately after Narbonne, then Nimes and finally Béziers, Carcassonne and Perpignan.

“Bankers continue to lend but are becoming more and more demanding on profiles, as explained to us at the end of July, Lawrence Decharett, the broker responsible for 15 years in the Montpellier market. We are starting to receive rejections, mainly for investor profiles, or for insurance against problems. For the elderly. Even people aged 40-45 years who do not have health problems and have good records find themselves facing asthma problems.”

Note: To run a mortgage loan simulator, all you have to do is enter the information about your situation and the loan amount you wish to borrow via the various simulators available online, such as Postal Bank or Credit Agricole. .

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