MotoGP: Andrea Dovizioso announces his retirement at the end of the year due to public indifference

Andrea Dovizioso, 36, the current dean of MotoGP is promising to leave at the end of this season. Despite the fact that at that time it was Alex Espargaro who would become the most experienced on the starting grid, and Johann Zarko not far behind, it is this publicly announced announcement of summer vacation slumber that leaves a feeling of bitterness. relish. But given these latest findings, the feeling is that Duffy is long gone and so he is ending his suffering with relief. Leaving the place, he still leaves a message for Yamaha that sounds like a warning…

Andrea Dovizioso He made it clear several times, and his sad results bolstered his point: the Italian has been living, this season, his last moments in MotoGP. But he explained this time on Certainly, I will not run in 2023. I’ve always said that if I wasn’t competitive, I wouldn’t want to be here. So there is no reason. Especially after 20 years. I never tried to get a place for next year “.

He adds: I’m totally comfortable with that. I actually raced for half a year last year. I’ve already tested backtracking, so I’m ok with that “. Andrea Dovizioso He has won 24 Grand Prix victories, including 15 in the First Class, for Honda and Ducati and 103 podiums (62 in MotoGP for Honda, Yamaha and Ducati) since his debut as a 125cc wild card in 2001. He won the 125cc title in 2004 He was a two-time Vice Champion in the 250cc, then three times in a row a MotoGP Vice Champion Marc Marquez.

But that record is far off in light of his current performance: “ Of course I don’t want to end the season like this Because it’s great to be able to compete. When you feel that you can have a really fun time while you are fighting for a good position, Like you always did in the past Commander said 36 years. ” But no one has everything under control and that can happen! “.

Andrea Dovizioso: There is no longer a way to compete with Yamaha like in the past

Now, before he finally packs up, he has something to say Yamaha…” If you don’t ride like Fabio Quartararo, it’s very hard to be competitive with a Yamaha. If Fabio wins, there is a reason. This means that there is a chance that you will be fast. But if other pilots complain, as in recent years, there is no longer any way to be as competitive as in the past. “.

Add : ” When there is only one bike up front, that means there may only be one way to be competitive. If you look at the second rider on Yamaha and Honda, he is very far from the first. This means, in my opinion, that the base of the bike is a bit tricky and a bit weird. It’s been a Honda for the past eight years and I think it’s a Yamaha now. I also think maybe April This leads to a danger that Duffy points out: One being and everything is deserted. By the way, Dovizioso All this season must end within the RNF team that will pass in Aprilia in 2023.

Andrea Dovizioso, Team Withu Yamaha RNF MotoGP™, Gran Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya

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