MotoGP, Silverstone and Yamaha’s rear tire selection: Ramon Furcada puts his feet in the plate and Franco Morbidelli says the rest…

The last British Grand Prix at Silverstone was one of Fabio Quartararo’s last chances to maximize points on a track tolerant of all Yamaha’s very well known weaknesses. She has missed it. Now, the circuits are giving Ducati the center stage, as well as Aprilia, machines to two of its chasers in the championship, which is on the horizon. We’ll have to grit our teeth and have no problems getting out of this period with minimal damage while waiting for better days. However, during the last meeting, Yamaha stood out for its lack of boldness in its technical choices, which cost the French dearly. In the ranks of the brand, we talk about it frankly with Ramon Forcada in particular. As for Franco Morbidelli, he calmly says what everyone thinks …

An assessment of his first race in the latter part of the season which he still leads in the general classification, Fabio Quartararo He was very clear about his accounting situation with regard to the paths ahead, with a Yamaha Which will indicate technical weaknesses. The world champion had just crossed the finish line in eighth, having executed a long lap penalty that then brought him back to the peloton where his M1 doesn’t like to develop. A year ago, in the same circle, Fabio Quartararo Climb to the top of the podium in a dominant race, over 2.5 seconds ahead of the race Alex Rains.

But this punishment to be served was only one of the two factors that put the three colors in difficulty. The second was revealed on the starting grid, when Yamaha I was surprised by its choice of tires by choosing the medium rear compound rather than the solid ones all direct competitors compete with. Fabio Quartararo. We will remember that seeing this mountain, Alex Espargaro He thought it was a good day to take the points from him, which he wasn’t able to do due to his physical condition. By the way, it wasn’t about Aprilia From ” Italian trick “As he says Fabio Quartararo. Today we know that the Spaniard ran with a broken right heel.

Honestly, I see Fabio Quartaro in a weak position only because of the characteristics of Yamaha

But back to the back frame of Yamaha. Just Dovizioso He was determined to be difficult. The other three riders rode in the M1 hard compound. Error ? Ramon Forcadahead of the engineers Dovizioso In the RNF that will enter Aprilia In 2023, he rather speaks of a lack of courage. Through a tweet on the Todocircuito website, Forkada Thus he says: At Yamaha, they didn’t really go wrong with the choice of the rear tire. They didn’t even dare to mount the tire they didn’t test all weekend. The asphalt was at 48 degrees initially “.

Not daring that paid off on the track and Fabio Quartararo Detailed invoice: In such circumstances, the difficulty was the right choice. The result is, for me, It was a nightmareEspecially when I had several pilots in front of me. The rear tire was very overheated and was wearing out very quickly “.

As a result, the French not only has to deal with the lack of courage from the technicians Yamaha in M1 development who is more or less from last season, but, in addition, must remain vigilant about conservative decisions in his position during the Grand Prix… which brings us to this observation from his teammate Franco Morbidelli On his chances of winning the title for the second time in a row: “ Quite frankly, I see Fabio in a strange situation only because of the characteristics of the motorcycles in running. When your bike is going slower on the straight road, so are you. .” But he adds: But it shows that he can do great things while riding You also have to give her the right tyres.

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