Mubasher – Gaza: Islamic Jihad claims firing rockets at Jerusalem

Islamic Jihad claims to have fired missiles at Jerusalem

In a statement issued this morning, the Islamic Jihad claimed that it had fired missiles towards Jerusalem.

Minutes before that, the Israeli army announced that sirens sounded in the Jerusalem area for the first time since the start of the escalation in the Gaza Strip.

Israel says it is preparing for a ‘week’ of Gaza raids

The Israeli army announced, on Saturday, that it is preparing for a “week” of raids on the Gaza Strip.

The worst outbreak of violence between the two foes since last year’s blitzkrieg has deprived a tiny sliver of land sandwiched between Egypt, the Mediterranean, Israel and its 2.3 million people from their only power plant.

The electricity company said on Saturday it had “stopped (working) due to a shortage” of fuel after the Jewish state, which has imposed a blockade on Gaza since 2007, closed border crossings in recent days.

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IDF says missile alert sounds near Jerusalem

The Israeli army announced that the sirens sounded Sunday in the Jerusalem area for the first time since the ongoing armed escalation with the Islamic Jihad movement began in the Gaza Strip.

AFP journalists in Jerusalem heard short explosions in the distance. The army said in a short statement, that the sirens sounded “in the vicinity of Jerusalem”, without going into further details.

The Israeli army: The ‘Islamic Jihad’ military leaders have been ‘neutralised’

It confirmed Saturday that major “military” leaders of the Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza had been “neutralized” during the past two days during Israeli army raids targeting the armed Palestinian movement.

“The high command of the military wing of the Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza has been neutralized,” Oded Pasiuk, head of operations in the Jewish state’s army, said in a statement sent to AFP.

Israel arrests 20 Islamic Jihad activists in the West Bank

Today, Sunday, the Israeli army announced the arrest of twenty members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement in the occupied West Bank, amid a bloody escalation in the Gaza Strip.

The army said in a press release that during several raids, “about 20 suspects of belonging to the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization” were arrested across the West Bank, the Palestinian territories occupied by the Jewish state since 1967.

Palestinian authorities said the death toll had risen to 29, including six children

On Sunday, the Ministry of Health in the Palestinian sector announced, correcting an earlier statement, that 29 people, including six children, had been killed in the Gaza Strip since the outbreak of violence between Israel and the Islamic Jihad movement.

The ministry said in its first statement that 32 Palestinians had been killed since Friday in Israeli raids. Shortly thereafter, he indicated in a second message that the death toll was 29 dead and 253 wounded.

The Israeli authorities contradict this estimate and assert that Palestinian children were killed on Saturday as a result of a failed rocket attack by Islamic Jihad towards Israel.

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