‘My child’s heart that no longer beats’: This married candidate at first sight makes a heartbreaking announcement!

Pregnancy is a powerful moment of bonding and bonding between mother and child. Often, young parents choose to wait before announcing the big news. In fact, it is unfortunately more common to lose a baby in the first months of pregnancy than after it. This avoids having to Tell everyone the sad news. Thus, this candidate for the series chose Married at First Sight Keep quiet upon hearing the news. But not everything went as planned. We will explain everything here.

A child who passed away before he was born

Last Thursday, a candidate for Married At First Sight had to make a very sad announcement to her subscribers. In fact, it was Pauline, Damien’s wife, who was affected by this tragedy. When the young woman united for better and for worse during the sixth season of the main program of the M6 ​​channel, she tasted the worst. On her Instagram account, she unfortunately shared this news.

during her marriage It seems to be working great And since she doesn’t regret choosing to take part in the show, the couple wanted to take it a step further. Having already married at first sight, It’s a child they wanted. But the young woman must have made an announcement that she didn’t expect the day she would live I found out she was pregnant.

Terrible ad

Therefore, on his Instagram profile, the former candidate of Married at first glance shared a snapshot. So we can see her with a nice hat and pretty colorful clothes looking up from the tree. If this shot seems rather ordinary, by nature, with a slight smile, then The legend is completely different. In this story, she specifically trusts what she lives and what she must Bearing. A method in a particular mourning. Therefore, with more than 150,000 subscribers, it is the young woman who decides that Share his story. I also decided to warn them that she might be less present. It must be said that the former candidate is married at first sight does not seem I’m not ready to turn the page so quickly.

Young woman’s words

So we can at first glance read these few words on the caption for a picture of a married candidate. “Hello my love team. I will not do You won’t be there for the next few days… I need to recharge my battery with my family and friends“.

then add, I live A very difficult time for meThe first early miscarriage in May… I say to myself: “Well, this is Pauline’s first and in the beginning, with the rhythm that you have every day … that can be understood …” but There in two months of my pregnancy while my baby was very well on the 13th of July, Her little heart stopped beating About 4 days ago… This is it too much for me There… I have to take a step back, rest, and think to myself… But don’t worry, I’ll be back even stronger. I hug you tightly“.

Although the young woman It looks so strong It can be relied upon Support from loved onesit still A difficult ordeal is going through No matter what age or how many children a person has already had. So we wish him a lot of courage.

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