‘My head is going to explode’: Stephen Plaza is devastated, posts a disturbing message

Stéphane Plaza has always shown an inflexible appreciation regarding his private life. The host of an apartment or house Search has so far revealed one detail about his love life. It is he who, according to rumors, will be in a relationship. Asked about it recently, he said that he does not have time to devote himself to a romantic relationship. There are a lot of professional responsibilities. In any case, netizens had a lot of trouble believing this argument, and for good reason, he’s one of the most polarizing men in the French audio-visual industry. So we’re not surprised her fans can’t take these statements for granted.

This touching and mysterious message

As a reminder, Stéphane Plaza’s career began in 1987. At that time the famous M6 host had joined the real estate agency of one of his cousins ​​where he learned how the profession worked. The latter, among other things, allowed him to meet with influential people in the theater world. An opportunity he took to work in plays while working as a real estate negotiator. It was only in 2010 that he left El Safina to take up the position of General Manager within the ERA-CTI real estate group. A job he left a year later before creating this network of real estate agencies that made him famous thanks to M6.

All of these responsibilities that fall on him take up a lot of time in Stéphane Plaza’s particularly busy schedule. Which partly explains the fact that he is not interested in married life. He explained his choice in particular with the love he feels for his work. Which certainly doesn’t stop him from having romantic adventures without having to say it in public. However, he can feel lonely as was the case in this post which says a lot about his discomfort. According to him, although he is surrounded, he always feels alone in the world. Isolation in front of the people around him and those watching him.

A man who feels bad about himself

Stéphane Plaza always gives him persistence as an evil that sometimes corrupts him with a feeling his head is about to explode. A deep and invisible pain that is only subdued by the love he feels for his fans. So he totally feels his element in the morning by sharing his daily life with them. It’s the same when he’s at work, surrounded by everyone he loves. It’s no coincidence that Stéphane Plaza made sure to tag Karine LeMarchand in the caption to his post. The latter, whom he considers the greatest friend in his eyes. Not a single occasion happens without them publicly showing their complicity on social networks and in their daily lives.

So Stéphane Plaza can consider himself happy to have all these fans by his side to support him in this very busy daily life that he is living in right now. Otherwise, he would have succumbed to exhaustion. Anyway, we would like to know more about his love life and this is exactly the following information that his fans are expecting from him. It remains to be seen if he will respond positively to their curiosity.

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