“My mom is crying on the phone, it’s awful”

This Wednesday, August 10, 2022, M6 will broadcast the last episode of season 16 of Beijing Express Filmed in Sri Lanka. During this sixth stage in Colombo, a couple will compete for the final: Ennis Rig and Anais on one side, and Rachel Legrain-Trapani and Valentin Leonard on the other. During the six weeks of broadcasting the former candidate for Marseille, South America (W9) has also been the target of criticism on social networks. Netizens criticized him for being too harsh towards his companion. The couple responded to these messages in an interview with Télé-Loisirs.

We argued for two minutes, laughed about it and moved on.

It seems that the strong opponents, Rachel and Valentine did not have any difficulty during the physical exams. Their only weakness may be the tensions within the spouses during the adventure. But this is not the opinion of the former Miss France:It kind of motivated us. It was a way to get past ourselves. We never considered that a negative“, Emphasizes”.We didn’t worry, it was just a tension at the time. But the tension increased tenfold due to stress and fatigue‘,” confirms the former columnist of TPMP people (C8).

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Then Valentin Leonard remembers that “An hour-and-a-half episode sums up an average of two days of adventure. We only show a few minutes per pair, so even if we didn’t show our fights often, it wasn’t“He explains.”We have two strong personalities. The competitive aspect is what drives me. I wouldn’t be good if I played a game in front of the camerasThe guy reassures 595,000 subscribers on Instagram. And his companion adds:We were the only couple, so there were a few housekeeping scenes. But that was not our mentality. We argued for two minutes, then we laughed and moved on.

“When my mother cries on the phone, it’s terrible”

These tensions between the couple did not help Valentine win unanimous support from Internet users. The 33-year-old has been the target of much criticism on social media. A situation he has not yet gone through:It’s the first time this has happened to me, so it’s weird“, trust”.There was an outpouring of hate. I am accused of speaking badly when I am insulted by all the names with the letter. I find it 15 times stronger than our arguments during the testsValentine says.

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If these comments do not reach him, they are hurting his relatives: “These insults don’t affect me but when my mother cries on the phone and she is because of that I can tell you it’s terrible.“, reveal”.From the start, I know I will be criticized, but the hardest thing is for my parents to seeValentin explains.What we reproach today is that we were ourselvesRachel regretted that these tweets were taken up by “certain press” to feed articles.

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