near Toulouse. Lidl’s new supermarket is betting on wood, opening is approaching

The new Lidl in Portet-sur-Garonne will be made primarily of wood. The store is scheduled to open in early October 2022. (© Maxence Dourlen / Actu Toulouse)

its just The second project of this kind in France for Lidl : In a few weeks, the October 5 2022the German distribution company will open its new supermarket in Portet-sur-GaronneClose Toulouse. his privacy? Largely designed structure in Wood.

Project started in May

Not to be missed when you take the road to Spain, the new store will offer just under 1,000 square meters of retail space when it opens. He explains it by saying: “We have taken over the wasteland Helen VivienRegional property manager. Intersport will be settling next door. We will share the car park. »

The construction site began in May, and should take a few more weeks before it can welcome the public in early October. The installation of the first plank on the ground was recorded with this Tuesday 12 July 2022. The former Lidl is located in 37 Spain Road It will close its doors immediately. Another sign in the building should happen fairly quickly.

Intersport will open its doors next to Lidl.
Intersport will open its doors next to Lidl. (© Maxence Dourlen / Actu Toulouse)

The first of its kind in Occitanie

After the Epinal (Vosges) on March 15, Lidl chose Occitanie to continue this type of construction. In fact, this building will be made of 60% wood. “Several limitations, particularly with regard to safety, do not allow us to build a 100% lumber warehouse,” he explains. Corentin FiorniTechnical Officer.

“All the external walls of the building are made of jura wood, continues roman garnier, National Technical Director of Lidl France. The rest comes from Sweden or Norway. »

“Is this type of construction more expensive? Yes, about 20% compared to the “classic” store. »

Corentin FiorniTechnical Officer

Eco-friendly supermarket

Concretely, what does this type of structure change for the facility? This will allow us to have natural light with a ceiling made entirely of photovoltaic panels. The energy produced by these structures will provide 50% of the lighting in the store. A “smart air conditioner” will also be installed. It will especially adapt to the number of customers in the store.

A picnic area has also been planned as well as 100 trees being planted around the site.

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The first painting of the new Lidl was placed in Portet-sur-Garonne on Tuesday 12 July 2022.
The first painting of the new Lidl was placed in Portet-sur-Garonne on Tuesday 12 July 2022. (© Maxence Dourlen / Actu Toulouse)

More recruitments

On the sidelines of construction, Lidl France has currently enlisted 15 people in training to be ready on opening day. “The goal is to turn all of this into permanent contracts,” management says, also indicating continued hiring.

Particularly required team members, managers and multiple students (7 or 14 hour contracts). More information here.

Commercial area under construction

As a reminder, work is currently underway in the field of the future supermarket. r . mega construction siteCommercial District Roundabout It started at the end of June. Project to be completed in December 2022.

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