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Neltharus is a 5-player dungeon located in the Dragon Isles, the mainland of Dragonflight. Located in the Shores of Awakening, Neltharus consists of 4 bosses and is the stronghold of the Black Dragon. Your goal is to recover it and face many enemies whose main element will be fire. Find the Neltharus guide below!

When you reach Neltharus, you will soon meet a fork in front of you with the head of a dragon spitting lava. On the right are the two chiefs, Chargath and Gorek, while Magmatus is on the left. Once you eliminate the three enemies, you can go straight, go down on the platform and face the warlord Sarga who is waiting for you at the end of the corridor.

The rubbish, destroy, destroy It’s not monotonous and depends a lot on fire spells, especially with area-of-effect spells. We will especially point the finger at mobs who can send a spear to the player who finds himself Banned for 12 seconds ! To get out of it, you have to count on the help of other members of the group who must DPS the spear, allowing you to engage in combat again.

1. Chargath, Scalesbane

Chargath is a dragon slayer equipped with a great big sword. He is a combat fighter and most of his abilities are related to this mode.

  • Dragon Strike: Direct Attack with DoT bonus.
  • Magma Wave: AoE travels in a straight line around the room and deals damage to the players inside.
  • Immobilize the spear: An attack that targets a random player. He throws a spear at the target that deals direct damage and deposits an area of ​​magma on the ground that does damage to the characters who are there.
    • In addition, the personal chain connects to the spear. This chain slows down a player’s movement speed and applies a patch to all players in the group who touch the chain.
    • This means that players must be careful not to fall into a chain and that the victims do not move randomly.
    • If I understand the principle correctly, to remove the chain, you must put the Chargath between the path of the chain (that is, between the player and the spear). This will break the chain.
    • Note that you can continue to recover or take damage if you fall victim to the chain. So you can finish the fight even with three players tied up, if that’s not too much of a punishment.
  • Blade Clash: When the boss reaches his max power, he targets the tank and deals a lot of damage for 25 seconds. It hits the tank but also throws magma all around it, which means you have to move around to avoid damage. This is especially true of melee DPS.

The fight is not difficult in itself. The immobilizer spear is annoying at first because you don’t know how to break it. Watch out for the Blade Clash, which can still do quite a bit of damage.

Fixed spear, which you can break thanks to the boss himself

2. Forgemaster Jurek

Jurick is a completely original beast. He is a blacksmith who will not hesitate to continue working even when you attack him. I advise you to kill the trash in the room because you will have to move around a lot during the fight. However, it would be a shame to be bothered by monsters that you can easily eliminate before you drag the boss.

Let’s take a look at its capabilities:

  • crafting power: Periodically, Jurk returns to his anvil and hits it with his hammer. This will harm all party members, no exceptions.
    • After a few seconds, the leader forged his volcanic axe. He takes it and throws it at a player who then deals a lot of damage and DoT.
    • In addition to the circle of transmission, explosions will occur throughout the room. Spawn under players, so you have to dash to avoid damage.
  • Burning Strikes: This is usually a tank attack. The boss makes two big hits and knocks the player. Then it jumps on the target and does a huge amount of damage in the area. Other players must then move away from the point of impact or risk receiving damage.
  • Forge Storm: AoE that deals damage to players who are standing at the point of impact. Avoid that and you’ll be fine.

The combat is mainly related to the Power of the Forge ability which can quickly reduce the hitpoints of some players. Coaches should be familiar with the group at this time. The rest of the time, make sure the tank is not badly damaged by Searing Strikes. The rest of the group must be able to avoid the Forge Storm.

So there you are, don’t stay on the red circles 😀

3. Magmatusk

Magmatusk is a great giant who asks nothing of anyone until the High-Thaumaturge Fural comes to disturb him. Suddenly, he gets angry and decides to shoot everything in front of him. And inevitably, you are the one standing in his way.

The fight begins with a huge explosion that knocks everyone back. Don’t panic, go back to the boss and start managing his skills:

  • Lava spray: AoE conical. The spell’s range is quite long, so be alert and move fast because the cast is relatively fast.
  • blazing charge : The boss charges in a direction and shoots a wave of fire as it passes. It is necessary to avoid getting in the way of the president under the threat of harm. It can hurt a lot.
  • Throwing Magma: Periodically, Magmatusk sends molten rock into the chamber. Players near the point of impact receive fire damage. It’s easy to avoid. Beware that the molten magma rocks are left on the ground which will prevent you from returning to this place. So the mages who had just cast a shot of the force wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it.
  • unstable mutation : When his power bar reaches 100%, Magmatusk gets angry and deals fire damage to everyone. You are entitled to the combination that goes well, with direct damage and a DoT whose duration depends on the number of tentacles coming out of the boss’s body (5 seconds per tentacle).

4. The Lady of War Sarga

He is the last boss in the dungeon of Neltharus. It’s not the most difficult thing to tackle, but it does introduce better gameplay mechanics to avoid unexpected scanning.

  • magma shield: The boss surrounds himself with a shield that has two distinct effects.
    • The shield shoots fire that damages players.
    • The ramp increases flame damage every 4 seconds. Cumulative (otherwise it is not funny).
    • To remove the shield/shield, search the room for gold mounds that you can click on. You can then throw an anti-magic bomb which does a lot of damage and removes the boss’s shield.
  • Dragon Furnace: Classic cone-shaped attack that deals fire damage in front of the boss. The range is too long, don’t think you are safe if you are a ranged DPS.
  • embers : Sargha fires a projectile that hits the ground at the target location and deals damage to nearby players. The ground ignites at the destination, it is necessary to avoid trampling on it under pain of damage.
    • In the middle of AoE appears an add-on called Raging Ember. He selects a player and attacks him until the addition is dropped.
  • molten gold: Sarga selects a player and sends a DoT of 15 seconds. The transport circuit deals damage and, when completed, slows the target by 30%. The effect can be accumulated up to 4 times.
    • To remove the debuff, you must deal fire damage.

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