New subscriber record for a frenzy not seen in 15 years

FC Nantes continues to build on their victory in the Coupe de France on May 7th and qualification for the group stage of the Europa League. While the number of subscribers fell sharply last season, the curve for cardholders to attend matches at home for Antoine Compuari’s team has jumped. From 4000 to 12899 in just one season. A record for more than 15 years and the 2006/2007 season, In addition to the renewed enthusiasm, shown by the 30,000 spectators expected on Saturday evening for the first game of the Canaries in their hiding place, which the head of the new General Revenue, Nicholas Chicaci, is trying to solve. Maintenance work.

Affordable first rates

How many new subscribers have you registered for this season?

6,121 subscribers were the record for new subscribers during a season, in 2001/2002, and We are now at over 7000. The record is beaten, but let’s stay humble, we’ve started from weak bases since last year there were fewer signups due to the fact that it only covered 12 meetings. [elle s’était déroulée en novembre et avait été très courte, ndlr]. On the other hand, if there’s a number to remember, it’s that it’s been 15 years since we’ve had so many subscribers.

How do you explain this number of subscribers?

There was incredible excitement last year with this epic at the Coupe de France. There is also the fact that this team has unleashed incredible values, as there have been very emotional matches at home between Paris, Lens, Rennes and Bordeaux. Yellow and green people have experienced feelings and I think so People really want to try this all year long. We browse it and if there are a lot of subscribers, it is also because we offer very reasonable rates.

this to say?

There are different categories in our subscriptions [de 171 euros en Loire à 798 euros en Océane bas, ndlr]. In Loire and Erdre, 13,000 of the 35,000 places in Beaujoire, the match is less than 11 euros. This means that 30% of the stadium opened for less than 11 euros per match And in the Loire, 6000 supporters signed up. We are one of the clubs that offers the cheapest subscription and above all, our first prices are for a lot of places, which is not the case in many stadiums. The goal was to send a message to our supporters by telling them: This year, we want enthusiasm and enthusiasm and will not benefit from having a good season for price increases.

“The idea is to fill the Beaujoire with ‘Europe Packs'”

What about European markets?

We remain on the same logic, for subscribers, the “Europe package” in the Loire with matches at 19 euros and 25 euros in Erdre [de 33 à 59 euros en Océane, ndlr]. At the moment, there is no single match But if on August 31, the end date of the marketing of these packages, there are still places left, we will obviously sell them match by match. But the idea is to fill the Beaujoire with “Europe Packs” that are available exclusively to subscribers until Monday. And starting Wednesday, the public, in turn, will be able to purchase them.

Are you aware of the criticism from supporters who encountered problems on the site to book these packages?

There was already an influx of communications on the first day with over an hour of waiting on the site. We apologize to supporters who encountered technical issues and had to be patient. However, it is something we tried to anticipate as much as possible. We said to ourselves:There was hiccups last year, how can we prevent it from happening again?“Unfortunately there have been small malfunctions but we are working on them and I think so Pieces related to the FIFA World Cup will allow us to work deeply on our tools techniques and succeed in making it more flexible.

Do you have a goal of attending La Beaujoire this season?

We were about 22,000 spectators per game on average. Obviously we want to do better even if we lose good games with the relegations of Bordeaux and Saint-Etienne. But for the meeting Against Lille, there will be between 28,500 and 30,000 people on the field versus 24,000 for the same label, last season.

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