New tensions in OM between Igor Tudor and Mattéo Guendouzi

At the center of the frantic preparations, Olympique de Marseille coach Igor Theodor doubled down on quarrels with his players. Last? Midfielder Matteo Guendouzi, according to press information the team.

Certainly, Igor Theodor does not have the dream of a start with Olympique Marseille. The person chosen by the Marseille administration to ensure the post-Jorge Sampaoli is not yet unanimous. Not with his supporters, not even with his group. And his methods, which contrasted sharply with those of his predecessor, could obviously be troublesome. Or at least irritation.

In the end, OM had meticulous but above all tense preparations, marked by disappointing results and other performances, but also interior scenes of rage. As we know, the Croatian has fallen out with midfielder Gerson and left-back Jordan Amafi, since he was kept out of the group.

And that’s not all. Newspaper the team He now tells us that the former Hellas Verona coach also confused his midfielder, Matteo Guendouzi, during the first half of the friendly match between Fujian and Milan (0-2) last Sunday. Without specifying the reason, the newspaper explained that the 23-year-old France international immediately took a shower and collected his belongings after a difficult exchange with his coach.

So Tudor decided to define its territory, even if it meant upsetting and pissing off its executives. In an atmosphere of tension, Marseille president Pablo Longoria stands behind his coach, even as he calls for a climate of general appeasement. Contrary to rumors, the Spaniard single-handedly decided to call up the group as well as his coach to blow up the abscess and relieve the pressure.

Returning to Guendouzi, who was a sealed player from Sampaoli, Tudor would also have liked to send a message to the former Gunner, whose behavior last Sunday may have upset Longoria, by putting him on the bench on the first day of Ligue 1 against Reims. Sunday evening (8:45 pm). But with the absence of Pape Jay (suspended) and a late signing of Jordan Veritot (approved but lacking in rhythm), the former defender had his rule revised.

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