Nine civilians killed in artillery shelling attributed to Turkey

According to local officials, the majority of the victims are Iraqi Arab tourists, most of whom are from central and southern Iraq.

Nine civilians, including women and children, were killed and 23 wounded on Wednesday, July 20, in northern Iraq by artillery fire attributed to Turkey that hit a park in the Kurdistan region, according to a new report by local officials.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi criticizedA flagrant violation of Iraqi sovereignty“perpetrated”Turkish forces“.”Turkish forces once again committed a flagrant violation of Iraqi sovereigntyHe condemned the attack on Twitter, criticizing the attack.On the lives and safety of Iraqi citizensHe warned thatIraq reserves the right to respond to these attacks and will take all necessary measures to protect its people“.

I hit the village twice

Most of the victims wereIraqi Arab tourists are mostly from central and southern IraqMushir Bashir, the mayor of Zakho province, where the damaged park is located near the village of Barakh, pointed out to AFP, which generally escapes scorching temperatures to find little freshness on the heights of autonomous Kurdistan. “Turkey hit the village twice today“, he added.

Among the dead were three women, two children and three men, Amir Ali, a medical official in Zakho told reporters. Initially, an official in the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq stated “At least five civilians were killed and several others wounded in a Turkish bombing targeting a tourist area in Zakho“. A source in the Turkish Defense Ministry told AFP that it does not haveThere is no information indicating or confirming artillery fire in this area“.

Turkey-Iraq tensions

Clashes between Turkish forces and the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) in the border areas have become a constant threat and danger to the lives of citizens.Today, Wednesday, the Kurdistan Regional Government condemned in a press statement. Turkey, which has de facto set up dozens of military bases 25 years ago in Iraqi Kurdistan, launched a new military operation in mid-April against Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) rebels in northern Iraq.

On Wednesday evening, Turkey denied any involvement. Turkey against all attacks targeting civilians. It is waging its war against terrorism in accordance with international law.” The Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Erbil, the capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan region, has complicated relations with the PKK, as its presence in the region hampers its vital trade ties with neighboring Turkey. The Turkish military operations of the Turkish ambassador stationed in Baghdad deserve to be called up regularly to the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, because they also complicate relations between the Iraqi central government and Ankara, one of Iraq’s first trading partners.

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