No, by Jordan Peele, an amazing science fiction movie that’s half extraterrestrial, half safari in California

A black man, his ghostly white horse, faces the enormity of the California desert. Aside from the ultra-modern light and music pollution of a small house in the background, the décor (almost) still bears the mark of Eastwood’s cowboy boots. But neither brute nor ugly against the good Otis Jr. (OJ, played by Daniel Kaluuya). Like an unknown flying predator. Without warning, a murmuring ghost jumps up the barrier, only to disappear into the dark night in a frantic race. The lights and music suddenly fade away. Only distant, high-pitched screams stimulate the senses. Even this menacing dance cast a circular shadow in the clouds. OJ’s eyes get lost in the cumulus clouds that have become a fearsome forest. puff: “qThe hat is a bad miracle?

Throughout the alarming 2h10 period no, In theaters since August 10, writer and director Jordan Peele has changed his characters into weak ants in the face of a mysterious and deadly saucer. Far from another dimension, this unidentified flying object absorbs (and digests) humans and animals, under the petrified gaze of OJ and his extended sister Emerald Haywood. (Kiki Palmer). What is their first instinct? Collect video evidence of the existence of this object, in order to save the finances of the Hollywood horse farm. Not really in the horror, nor quite in the thriller, annoying author Get out (2017) and we (2019) Plunge the viewer into an impressive science fiction movie. In two words to actor Daniel Kaluuya with the media essence : “horror – adventure”.

As with every Jordan Peele rendition, the mix of genres and tones make the viewer never give up. For this occasion, a whole mix of references has been prepared. Classic western blends with Steven Spielberg science fiction, with hints of the universe and manga graphics like Neon Genesis Evangelion. Without becoming the third feature film by the former American comedian turned director locked in these reading keys.

Actress Keke Palmer in the movie

The poignant set of emotions by Keke Palmer, stylized by Stephen Yeun as the mayor of an amusement park for young cowboys,no” (“Well no”) The repetition of the careless Daniel Kaluuya … Thanks to a fresco of very human characters, the lower part of the plot keeps the first foot on the ground, while the second flies away towards the action. Because on an extraterrestrial safari, Jordan Peele presents a novelty: The Big Show. Coming into the second half of the film, the director gave up on the horses and offered himself a frantic chase. All in broad daylight, yet another break with his previous nocturnal creations.

Bob Yet he keeps within him the struggles of his Creator. Behind this essentially fearsome creature and his improvised documentaries, slips a categorical metaphor. “The real villain is our addiction to attention and spectacle, and the consequent inability to react in real time., summarized by Keke Palmer, AFP. Also, by maintaining a predominantly African American cast while straying from the kind of horror that made him famous, Jordan Peele aspires to another message.

We can be heroes not only of a horror movie, but also of an action movie, adventure, comedy, etc.

We can be heroes not only in a horror movieHe knocks for the essence. But also an action movie, adventure, comedy, etc.” With historical evidence embedded in the plot: Emerald and OJ claim to be descendants of the first black people captured on camera in motion pictures by Eadweard Muybridge in 1878. A horse jockey, his name has since roamed the world of show business.

movie poster

sex : eGreat horror and science fiction
Director : Jordan Peele
Actresses and Actresses .: Daniel Kaluuya, Kiki Palmer, Stephen Yun
nation : eUnited States of America
Period : 2 x 10
Director : August 10, 2022
distributor : international studios

Summary : Residents of Lost Valley in the depths of California witness a terrifying supernatural discovery.

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