OM: McCourt is out? Zeroual pays “couch rebels”

Social networks have been particularly turbulent in recent weeks regarding OM. Rachid Zeroual, the historical leader of the winners’ supporters group, responded to netizens who asked for Frank McCourt’s departure.

Frustrated by the OM sale rumors in recent months, some supporters are struggling to be satisfied with the names of the summer recruits. To the extent that several movements have been launched on social networks in recent days. The first concerns the potential employment of Cristiano Ronaldo. Some fans created a hashtag on TwitterAnd the #ronaldoAims to give ideas to leaders. The movement made noise, although the Portuguese had no chance beforehand to set foot in Provence. His gross salary of €31m does not match Marseille’s budget at all. As with all French clubs except Paris Saint-Germain.

The anger of some then turned to Frank McCourt. On social media, some American fans accused him of lacking ambition, even though he canceled 60 million euros in debt a few weeks ago and returned 20 million euros (account ban, info) the team). This movement is linked to the hashtag #McCourtOut It did not satisfy all the fans, especially since some fans attacked the sponsors. Rachid Zeroual, the leader of the winners, answered them privately in columns French national anthem.

‘Social media is not real’

“Yes there are days without it, we still hope. Social media is not a reality. Who is this couch potato? Most of them don’t even go to the stadium. (…) If someone is responsible for this broken momentum, it’s Sampaoli. Last year , we could have won something, but we didn’t, plus he got left behind… If we had to go to the coals, we wouldn’t find them in court. If they want to boycott OM, let them out!”They launched Ultra Leader on a daily basis. To continue defending Frank McCourt: “He was taken for a walk by Eyraud and Garcia, naturally he wants to sell [des joueurs] a little ! I take it as a call for help, help me and I will help you… You have to let Longoria run.”

Taking into account the call options he had to exercise, OM is still at 11e The position of the clubs that invested the most, this transfer window, with a negative balance of 60.9 million euros. Marseille is behind Manchester United (-62.9 million euros), Tottenham (-63.7 million euros) and Newcastle (-66 million euros). This summer, Marseille FC in particular scored reinforcements from Isaac Touré (formerly Le Havre), Jonathan Claus (formerly in Lens), Chancel Mbemba (formerly Porto) Luis Suarez (formerly Grenadian) and Samuel Gigot (formerly Spartak). Perhaps deceived by certain rumors about the Olympic club selling extremely rich investment funds, some fans expected better. But will OM have the means, even with a new owner?

As a reminder, OM has so far only played friendlies against Marignane Gignac (4-1), Norwich (0-3) and Middlesbrough (0-2). As for the other clubs, it seems too early to have an idea of ​​what level he will be able to reach in the coming months…

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