OM – OM king of corruption, presented a great controversy live

On the L’Equipe channel Thursday night, Grégory Schneider totally cracked while discussing OM.

The question was whether Olympique de Marseille is “the biggest club in France” after the massive welcome that fans gave to the newest transfer window club recruit Alexis Sanchez when he arrived in Provence earlier this week. While the debate was light and focused on the enthusiasm of supporters and the enthusiasm surrounding Alexis Sanchez’s signature, journalist Gregory Schneider warned he would hit him hard by giving him the bottom line and why he couldn’t name OM as France’s biggest club. The columnist’s words did not fail to shock the group, particularly today’s presenter Giovanni Castaldi, who quickly wanted to distance himself from the comments made by Gregory Schneider.

Schneider accusations against OM

“I cannot admit that the biggest French club marked a club that did this to football. Which one poisoned the enemies? Who bribed the referees? Who spoiled the opponents? Who bought the Champions League? I can’t admit it myself. Legally I don’t care to say Whether it’s proof or not, ask Emmanuel Petty what he thinks of it, and ask Wenger what he thinks of it. For proof, just read Eydelie’s book, it’s not arguable. After knowing I broke the air, I realized it was, but even The end I thought so.So I wouldn’t say they (OM) bought it, I’m saying it’s worthless, in my eyes it has no value. The journalist shot live on La Chaîne L’Equipe. The statements made by Gregory Schneider immediately provoked the scandal of supporters of Olympique de Marseille.

OM’s official response did not take long

Very quickly in the evening, Marseille’s director of communications Jacques Cardoz rose to the defense of OM. “Dear Gregory Schneider, your remarks this evening on L’Équipe are insulting to OM. When a journalist has no proof, he makes an argument of inner conviction and lets hatred and jealousy spread… Very visible fish. Moreover, I don’t see what this discussion brings. In the current context of our club? If you don’t want to hurt us again (or make a big fuss). OM, the biggest club in France. Sorry” The Marseille leader responded, as Gregory Schneider’s words stunned fans of the Olympics, who are even hoping to file a defamation complaint from Olympique de Marseille against the journalist from L’Equipe channel. OM, who has had enough sulphurous experiences in the past over his actions, may not want to bring this debate back to the fore when the club falls behind this period and runs in a typical fashion.

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