On Amazon Prime Video and Canal + screens, the football show is back in effect

AMAZON PRIME VIDEO, Channel + – Saturday 6 August at 5 pm – Football

For the amateur football viewer, passion comes at a price: a mandatory subscription to a paid channel or platform. Or rather several. Whether it is Ligue 1 (Amazon Prime Video, Canal +), foreign leagues, such as Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A (BeIN Sports), English Premier League (Canal +) or European Cups (Canal +, BeIN) Sports, RMC Sport), you have to pay.

Only the meetings of the French team (TF1, M6) remain visible for free. Don’t forget one Ligue 2 match a day, thanks to La Chaîne L’Equipe. Free-to-air channel introduced, for the 2021-2022 season, the much-acclaimed Ligue 2 multiplex, but the paid platform Amazon Prime Video has taken back this season, limiting the free football offering.

After more than two months of absence, Ligue 1 resumes its place on the screens, with 80% of the matches scheduled on Amazon Prime Video (annual Amazon Prime subscription at €69 + Ligue 1 ticket at €99 per year) and two meetings a day being offered on the channels Canal + Collective. Since its inception in November 1984, Canal+ has been in fact the “historic” partner of the French Championship. But this was before. With the arrival of Amazon Prime Video on the French market, the situation has changed.

Big loss leader

Canal+’s now limited offer for Ligue 1 (one game Saturday night, one more at 5pm) doesn’t mean the group has pulled out of the more popular sport, which is also attractive in terms of expensive hearings in terms of broadcast rights. At the end of June, Maxim Saade, President of Channel + announced that he had obtained all rights to the three European leagues (Champions League, European League, European League Conference), for the period 2024-2027. An operation estimated at 480 million euros.

The TV series Ligue 1, presented for years as Canal +’s biggest loss, has been replaced by the Champions League TV series. A strategy that can be explained by the large crowds registered last season, during the European evenings (1.6 million viewers on average) while Ligue 1 attracted only 553,000 believers on average. The Champions League is the core of our strategy : Offering the best of every discipline, Maxim Saadeh summarizes. This competition also ranks first in our subscribers satisfaction and as a motivation to sign up with commitment. » An argument likely won’t prevent Canal+ from making a new bid, in a few months’ time, for Ligue 1 rights for 2024-2028.

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