On board the first electric A110

Luca de Meo, president of the Renault group, is still checking in: the future of the Alps will be 100% electric. Obviously, Dieppe engineers heard the message and on the 60th anniversary, not from their boss, but from their brand, they created the first all-electric A110 berlinetta. But they warn from the start: It is a prototype that will not be mass-produced.”before adding, maliciously, that “The first electric car in the Alps will really be an SUV.”

Confined weight: the first good surprise

But then, why the A110 EV? To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brand, as we have said, but also to demonstrate Alpine’s skills in this field. Real skills on paper. In Watt’s berlinita list: weight contained, sufficient but not excessive energy, and above all, a conserved equilibrium very close to the thermodynamic model.

During the F1 Grand Prix de France, where the brand is participating, two concepts called E-ternité were able to do a few laps on their brand new wheels. We slipped into the passenger seat of one of them, along with the home test rider and the impression is eye-catching from the start.

The 0/100 lm/h in 4.5 s is real and performed in silence changed only by the sounds of rotation. Is 300Nm of torque from the 242hp electric motor an astounding? However, it is immediately available. Enough to grab the small coupe that weighs 1,378 kg without any problem.

An electric car with a dual-clutch automatic transmission? world first.

Yes, you read that correctly. It’s the weight of this car, and what makes sense in the heat is exceptional for an electric current with a 60 kWh battery. Light weight is made possible in particular through the use, in certain parts of the body, of flax fibers, which are known to be light, environmentally friendly and durable. All it takes… All it takes. But it is still necessary to use this extra weight contained for driving pleasure.

Magical Balance: The Second Good Surprise

It gets even more difficult when you have the fun and decisive A110 as the main stallion. How about the A110 E-ternity? She’s as talented as her petroleum sister thanks to a trick: the distribution of her battery cells. There are 12 of them, eight of them are located under the rear floor and the other four are located near the front axle.

The result: We glide perfectly through the curves of the Paul Ricard circuit and the car joins in with a small gesture to revive itself beautifully.

To please the driver more than improve efficiency, Alpine went so far as to tinker with the automatic gearbox (with paddles on the steering wheel) in-house, in a dual-clutch style, a world first. And to keep your head cool in Le Castellet’s heat wave, the E-ternité has a small Targa sunroof in two parts that you can separate at will.

Targa sunroof
Targa sunroof

This successful attempt was first developed in Alpine Electrics in less than a year. One can clearly wonder how the DEEP teams were able to achieve this feat. They admit it: they went to rely on internal organs and especially on parts of the new electric Megane e-tech, of which the A110 regained a 60 kWh battery and its autonomy of 420 km.

A well-bred car, like the small alpine coupe. However, he will never see the light of day and the first electrified Dieppe can’t compete with the expert ballerina who represents this prototype. Because despite all the best intentions these designers will have to develop the first production electric car, it will only be an SUV.

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