On Monday, Amazon is already mocking all competitors (-80%)

Prime Day on Amazon isn’t an event like any other: it’s the biggest event of the year for him. The last American platform is organized to thank its customers for their loyalty. To take advantage of the discounts offered on July 12 and 13, 2022, you must be a prime member. If you’re not, don’t panic: a 30-day free trial is offered.

Once you become a Prime member, you can access the catalog of Prime Day discounts through Amazon. These are discounts on par with Black Friday (or even better), except that they take place in mid-July. If you have to shop, you won’t find a better time to do so. Merchant bows out with discounts on all catalog attributes.


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Below, we’ve curated a list that will be updated throughout Prime Day. Amazon will certainly offer the vast majority of its offerings when the process launches, but we’re not immune to surprises. You can bookmark this page to access the most current statuses at any time. We choose only the best, mainly in the field of technology.

Offers not to be missed:

Different :

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As matches the figure, Amazon is also pushing its own brands during Prime Day. The positive point is that they are also very good products. As an example, we can cite the Ring and Blink tags, which are two solutions to effectively protect your home. There’s also the popular Echo Dot mini speaker or the Echo Show tablet that allows you to use Alexa’s voice assistant service.

All of these products are shown on Amazon’s Prime Day page, and they are the products with the most discount. On a package of two Echo Dot 4 speakers, you can get a 70% discount: their price drops from 118 euros to just 37 euros, the best price ever. All in all, Amazon will pay within these 48 hours with some of the lowest prices on the market. Enthusiasm will be important, and the stock will probably not be enough to satiate everyone.

Peak day before Black Friday

Prime Day was invented in 2015, long after Black Friday began. However, this event invented by Amazon has ranked first in terms of sales. The trading volume generated during this 48 hour period is quite huge. It even goes beyond Black Friday, which nonetheless has a strong connotation for Amazon in France. This indicates the popularity of this process which takes place in the middle of July, the merchant’s birthday. This is how it was imagined, on the same principle as the memory of Ali Baba.

To achieve such a feat, Prime Day must have unbeatable prices. In fact, July is a much less rainy month than November and Black Friday. So the discounts must be too strong for the general public to bear. This Monday evening from midnight, the first big shows will drop. They will take care of the biggest brands and the latest products, apart from the poor quality of sales.

What can we expect? Amazon, as a premium merchant, always bets on prestigious brands during Prime Day. So obviously at midnight on Monday, we’ll be able to enjoy big names from all industries at prices we’ve never seen before. Although the process officially begins at midnight, peak sales are expected in the morning between 7am and 10am. Once this period has passed, stocks will be lower.


Brand-wise, Prime Day Amazon wouldn’t leave any big brand aside. As you can read in the updated selection above, we’ve focused on the technical part. However, this is not the only feature that the e-commerce site highlights, quite the opposite. You have references on beauty, DIY, home appliances, health, fashion, or even existing culture. We invite you to take a look at Amazon to discover it.

There is a concept of speed on Prime Day as on Black Friday: first come, first served. Therefore, it is necessary to be energetic in the first hours of the operation. On Amazon products already available on Monday (Echo, Fire TV, Kindle, Ring etc.), you shouldn’t wait. Oftentimes, delivery times go up and can be up to several weeks, even if you’re a Prime customer. However, it is still explicitly shown.

Prime customers have a great advantage

If you’re not a Prime member, you simply won’t be able to enjoy Prime Day on Amazon. Offers are only valid for customers who have subscribed to this subscription. As a reminder, this subscription costs €49 per year, or €5.99 per month otherwise. Includes all group services especially Prime Video, Prime Music or Amazon Gaming. But above all, it allows you to get free delivery within 24 hours maximum.

In terms of value for money, the Prime subscription is unbeatable. Because of this, Amazon has more than 200 million Prime customers worldwide. You can take advantage of a service equivalent to Netflix, a light version of Spotify and a game interface for a ridiculous amount. In addition, you can fund the subscription amount largely thanks to the savings that you can make during Prime Day.

This Monday, the peak day is still light but we can expect a festival from midnight. We’ll be there to show you the best deals in real time. Amazon will publish everything from the first minutes and then it will be a race against time: with every passing minute, the shares will be lower. Since the pandemic, online merchants have struggled to get supplies, it’s clear there will be a lot of shortages.

After two complicated years, Amazon wants to bring Prime Day back where it deserves it with unbeatable deals in every way. We invite you to create your Prime account now to be ready Monday evening at midnight. Then, from July 12-13, there will be 48 hours of furious online frenzy. Amazon will overhaul the entire web and mobile interface to display thousands of offers during this period.

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