Orange joins three major European companies for innovative use of 5G

Orange joins three major European companies for innovative use of 5G

Orange, Deutsche Telekom, Telefonica and Vodafone are teaming up with a startup to try their hand at “3D communication”.

A step into the future of science fiction. The Big Four European operators on Wednesday announced a partnership with startup Matsuko that specializes in integrating “holograms” into video communications. The goal is clearly defined: to create the first “3D European communication platform” thanks to 5G.

For this, it will of course be necessary to rely on the ability of the 5G connection, that is, its high speed, wide bandwidth and low latency to overcome part of the challenge of creating realistic 3D images. Ultimately the idea is to allow a user with a 5G smartphone to photograph themselves with the camera and appear to their interlocutors in a high-resolution 3D hologram. This reconstruction will be carried out in high-end computing servers.

The front camera of the smartphone captures a 3D hologram in real time and then it is broadcast and processed by a very high-tech 3D rendering algorithm. Component holograms provide an immersive experience thanks to their presentation in a virtual environment or superimposed on the real environment, through augmented reality glasses or virtual reality headsets Explain the companies in a press release.

The first phase of cooperation between operators and start-ups has already been implemented and they intend to improve the technology by focusing on needs in terms of quality of service. The possibilities offered by 5G mobility are examined, such as ” Organize virtual events or presentations with breathtaking realism. Future applications could include face-to-face or small group interactions to improve communication for consumer or enterprise customers“.

The results are encouraging thanks to 5G and edge computing. Network issues that previously hampered the smoothness and nature of 3D imaging experiences have been resolved. In addition, the MATSUKO platform ensures a high-quality final immersive experience with advanced accuracy in terms of colors and shapes, resulting in increased realism on smartphones or any other AR-enabled mobile device, without the need to use a virtual reality headsetExplain the actors behind the initiative.

If 5G continues to be deployed in France, one frequent criticism is the lack of new uses beyond the pure performance of the mobile network. Thus, this initiative can demonstrate, if it results in a marketed solution, the usefulness of the new generation of mobile phones.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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