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After the first maintenance of Temporis 7 servers, Dofusian’s buzz goes down a bit. This gives us time to take a step back and learn about the changes that characterize lives. If some really have their little nerves, others stay strong, even if it’s quite a lot.

This article has been updated based on the latest patch notes for Dofus and Temporis 7
(last modified: 07/11 – 7:20 pm)

DOFUS – the best modified Temporis 7

Unlike classes with more than 40 spells or full passive/active items, changes are more “one-sided”. Are they strong or not. Their role is clear or not. From these two factors, we can actually identify a small set of interesting cases in PvM, prior to cutting the bacon.

To see what is obtained from each changed, you can click on its name or appearance in the game to return to its page in mobedex.

The best epic and legendary altered in Temporis

With their combined ability to access your best item, Epic and Legendary Quirks get into every team. Moreover, it is not difficult to acquire because high level players are born excessively.

That is why we advise you to buy kamas to buy it directly from the auction house. You’ll save many hours of games and kamas by going straight to the best team.

1. Valdenomy, overall increased damage

With her passive “Cawotene”, if Valdingume takes damage from the opponent, the latter takes 35% more damage in return.

In addition, he overcomes his area spells on the go with the “Leap” spell in 3AP. It is a must have in your mod collection.

2. Motapen, an infinite boost for long distance bouts

This unlockable change on level 1860 Tempotons can strengthen the “Nucleotide” spell every time it is cast for an unlimited duration.

It is capable of inflicting damage over a very long range as well as having a very practical spell.

3. Javash, the best damage to the Tempuris area

Javache can damage one of the two squares which is the largest possible area in Temporis.

She also has a useful passive feature, which increases her critical damage with each critical hit.

In addition, his “Aliation” placement spell allows opponents to be pushed back two squares diagonally, which is very powerful.

4. Melomask, one of the best brawlers

Thanks to the “Prank” spell, which is very similar to Sacrier’s “Dissolution” spell, Melomask is very powerful at dealing damage on contact while stealing life points.

It is also able to fly from the point of intervention or enter an immobile state and reduce engagement damage by 50%.

So Melomask will be ideal for fighting monsters with low or medium damage.

5. Enflaron, more flexible with less life

Enflaron naturally resists 30% of the damage dealt to him and reflects 50% of the damage dealt to him in an area of ​​2 squares.

This negative makes him completely defeated, his only weakness lies in the lack of territory in his life talisman.

So it will be a complement to Melomask, more powerful against opponents with heavy damage.

6. Lycradi, Best Temporis Healing and Area Damage

Very practical, Lycradi allows you to save valuable bread kamas while providing good damage to the area.

His “Fane” spell is a very practical reenactment in many situations.

A truly practical change that deserves a place in your deck.

The best way to change the water

The headband of the time cuff 7 2

Very practical to increase the drop during battles, the water route is chosen mainly on Temporis. It also has great mods that you can use in your deck.

Be careful, during the lists that will follow, the Transmutators of the “Pesteologist” profession are not counted because they are too expensive or too complicated to obtain for all players.

1. Stemthorn, damage the area and remove the overpowered gold

The water’s trajectory has been fundamentally changed, and it’s able to remotely withdraw in the -10 zone of range for your opponents.

His damage spells are in 3AP which allows him to hit 4 times per turn thus ensuring decent hitting power.

2. Aspimouette, Temporis’ Best Setter

Basically, Aspimouette can change position with opponents in the range of 7 times 2 per turn.

It also has the well-known “Flipflop” spell from previous “Parchomancers” versions of Temporis.

Finally, the “Rapassade” spell guaranteed him to steal life in an area where he could easily position himself.

The best changes in the path of fire

Very present in this Temporis, the path of fire allows easy access to wisdom and “howl” to quickly kill monsters.

dofus temporus headband decanter 7

1. Safari, heavy ranged damage

This mod is capable of striking from afar while increasing its ranged damage percentage.

Without any real extra peculiarity, it is a very good ally to damage the fire path.

2. Howling and damage area and lifestyles

This change is present in most fire surfaces thanks to their heavy area of ​​impact.

Be warned though, as Howling relies on critical hits to reveal her full potential.

So it is essential for Ecaflip but becomes less powerful for other classes before level 199 and the Padgref group.

The best of the air track


Air path changes are the least powerful, often crossed with spells from other items or less beneficial effects in PvM.

1. Parazig, severe ranged damage

This cross between the water path and the air path takes very good damage.

2. Softened, damage area and shield

These variable hits are available very early in the adventure, while awarding armor points with each attack.

He also has a shield spell that can be very useful in certain situations.

However, it only contains one damage spell, and while it’s quite functional, the Legendary changes look a lot more interesting.

The best change to Earth’s course

dofus temporus headband headband 7

The Earth’s path also suffers from a lack of strong changes like the legends. However, it does take advantage of neutral damage, which is very practical in many situations.

1. Chachamp, damage and neutrality in the area

With his “Angorage” spell, this change can deal massive damage to two squares around him and other altered squares, making him very practical in combat.

He is also able to position his allies while providing them with shield points.

2. Tragicrin, excellent for starting to increase damage

Tragicrane is very popular at the beginning of the adventure, and it benefits from correct damage as well as increased fixed damage to its allies.

It will always be a very good companion to start the time to acquire modified legends.

Xelor Ret PA, and proud of it!

It looks like a lobby has been formed within the editorial staff to inform you of a potential undead but highly practical group that relies on Xelor. Not many AP removal items at low levels (go to Boskito) and relatively few Altered. Still, 3 of them send the sauce.

As a reminder, in addition to naturally increasing AP drawdown, passive Xelor allows you to restore one AP and power in each pool of at least one AP. If AP removal mechanisms are typically ineffective in PvM, significant evasive penalties and the presence of areas with a buildup between disrupters make them viable.

It is entirely possible to farm many level 200 monsters with a level 80 item and barely remove 65 AP bases (85 with idle mode changed). Aren’t you tempted?

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time 7 DOFUS arrives at the end of June, the 29th to be exact! With pre-registrations in full swing and a server featuring unique gameplay, let’s do it. The passive tower and unique spells Classes to select the best. Which class should you play better to increase your average strength?

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