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Since the introduction of the electric R5 concept and announcing its arrival in 2024, there is no longer any doubt that the Zoé will retire that year. To tell the truth, Renault City is already losing momentum (- 25% in sales between January and June), and may already be in competition with the Mégane E-Tech. Because since the 40 kWh battery arrived in the catalog along with the ‘EV60’, The Losange Accord starts at 37,200 euros excluding bonuses, 3,500 euros more than the aging Zoé despite its skilful restyling in the summer of 2019. More modern in style and substance, and more fun to drive as well, the Mégane E-Tech combines qualities and thus has no difficulty finding its audience. But it means forget that Zoe’s family still makes serious arguments. Between these two sisters, there is reason to think, depending on your use.

A Zoé is still in the game

Renault ZOE is still very much in the game in 2022.© Renault

First, it must be remembered that Zoé is also available in two versions. If its battery capacity is 52 kWh in all cases, the R110 develops 110 and R135… 135 hp. The small difference in buying between these two models may be best for the R135, but the little R110 benefits from a flange for autonomy. According to our independent measurements, it is close to 400 kilometers in the city, or about two dozen more than the R135 version. It is also nearly 100 km faster than the Mégane EV40 ! All while enjoying ample performance. In fact, if your use is limited to urban use, then there is no doubt that the Zoe R110 is what you need.

On the other hand, the Mégane E-Tech remains a favorite for those who travel greater distances daily, between major cities and suburbs or even in rural areas. For without radiance in the city, On the other hand, the Mégane EV60 offers good autonomy on the road and the motorway and thus really exceeds the Zoé. The price is obviously going up again because the 60 kWh variant of the Mégane requires at least €40,200 before bonuses, but the investment also makes it possible to approach parts of the road more calmly.

Measured ranges for Renault electric city cars

Weigh Zoe R110 Zoe R135 Megane EV40 Megane EV60
Weighcity ​​autonomy Zoe R110395 km Zoe R135365 km Megane EV40282 km Megane EV60356 km
WeighRoad range Zoe R110280 km Zoe R135280 km Megane EV40235 km Megane EV60342 km
Weighhighway range Zoe R110220 km Zoe R135210 km Megane EV40170 km Megane EV60245 km
WeighAverage consumption (kWh / 100 km) Zoe R11021.9 Zoe R13523.5 Megane EV4017.6 Megane EV6019.5

Conclusion: Zoé R110 for the city, Mégane E-Tech EV60 for the road

If you are looking for a small electric city car, The Zoé R110 remains in the game, thanks to its good urban autonomy. It is therefore preferable to the Mégane EV40, as long as we do not fall into the digital world of the latter, which is to everyone’s taste. Conversely, if you’re looking for a versatile electric device capable of swallowing a few bits of fast lane without the autonomy melting in a jiffy, It’s the Mégane EV60 you need, which saves fifty kilometers more than a Zoe or a Mégane EV40.

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