Parent Alert: This new TikTok challenge is wreaking havoc on teens, beware!

The Chinese app has been wreaking havoc all over the world since 2020. Thanks to the COVID-19 virus, it is exploding and downloading in droves. Internet users love to watch and/or create videos. And if TikTok succeeds, it’s thanks to its challenges. In music, it is sometimes necessary to recreate the choreography, that is, the movement. But sometimes the challenges are different. Today, we’re talking about one in particular that worries US police officers.

Netizens explain how to steal a car on TikTok

You are not dreaming. Some have discovered how to steal cars without having a key to open the doors. The affected cars are: 2011 Kia and 2015 Hyundais (even some newer models). Internet users show everything. Simply remove the plastic cover on the bottom of the steering column using a USB cable. It is so simple that many Internet users try it in the evening when they come across these car models.

But the challenge does not stop there. The goal is not just to unlock cars without a key. No, then you have to drive it. Because a USB cable can be used to turn on the ignition switch. Thus, thieves can start the car and release the steering lock. In some videos, the car starts thanks to a screwdriver. Next goal? Roll the car as fast as you can. It is enough to make the videos as impressive as possible and increase your chances of making a buzz on TikTok.

The dangers of TikTok

You can clearly see where the problem lies. Besides the fact that this challenge encourages young people to steal cars, it encourages them not to respect the rules of the road. And so they act dangerously, to themselves and to others. And what should have happened. The challenge has already cost the lives of many pedestrians and drivers. What seriously worries the Pennsylvania police in the United States, a state where thefts and accidents are on the rise.

Unfortunately, this is not the only challenge that can cause anxiety. Can we say that TikTok is a dangerous app? In a sense, yes. Judge for yourself this challenge that is currently among the children: the “Blackout Challenge”. The concept is simple. Just hold your breath for as long as possible.

This limits blood flow to the brain. Victims are then stunned (at best), and eventually faint. But in some cases it is much worse. In fact, 82 children have already lost their lives. So, we know what those who want to defend TikTok will have to say. These challenges have always been there. Not created by TikTok. No, this is correct. But the app is a broad announcer that doesn’t help the situation.

Other serious challenges

At the moment, “The deodorant challenge” is to inflict damage. The concept is: you have to spray your arm with deodorant. The winner is the one who lasts the longest, even if it means seeing their skin burn. It can also cause infections.

Recently, this has become a challenge that Asian women who come to France love. The latter, on a trip to Paris, look for Biavien tubes everywhere in the capital (lack of stock has already been reported in many areas) To put it on the face, like a day cream. On TikTok, they assert that the consequences for the skin are astounding.

But this is actually a very bad idea. Indeed, the Biafine formula poses a problem because many products are carcinogenic. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it every day. Then, because you shouldn’t expose yourself to the sun after applying Biafine, you run the risk of burning your skin, which is more fragile. Moreover, it is a medicine and not a simple cream. So it is important not to repeat some of the tricks or some of the challenges that appear in the application. In the same way you should not imitate someone who jumps off a bridge.

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