Paris Saint-Germain: Renato Sanchez, Ben Arfa second to Paris?

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After formalizing the arrival of Renato Sanchez, PSG firmly believes in the success of his pony. Fast, technical, and often astonishing, the Portuguese arrive at the record of Hatim Ibn Arafa cultivated in Paris. Could he do better?

The summer transfer period is definitely lively Paris Saint-Germain. While the club will already welcome in its ranks VitinhaAnd the Hugo Ekitike And the North my clientArrival Renato hypostases It will enhance the competition in the midfield. in negotiation with loss Several weeks ago, the Paris club completed the contract with around 13 million euros. But at the moment, no one knows the plan Christopher Galter About Sanchez’s future. In order to confirm his position within the already dense group of the capital club, the Portuguese will have to fight. With the transfer window expiring on August 31, recruitment has not yet ended, according to the coach. What to sow more trouble in the heads of Paris players.

Renato Sanchez is happy to join Paris Saint-Germain

Renato hypostases He says he is very happy to join the Parisian club. ” Make sure you made the right decision “He knows the French championship well since he came from Lille. He will also find Christophe Galtier, who coached LOSC when he arrived at Lille in 2019. He feels easy in Ligue 1, even being one of the elements of the LOSC center with whom he became French champions at the end of the 2020-2021 season. . Also winner of the Champions Cup in 2021, the Portuguese shines. The presence of Galetter certainly weighs in on the decision of the 2016 European champion, as his first experience in France went well. Confident of himself, Renato Sanchez could find himself on the bench very quickly. His position in midfield is coveted by many candidates. The list of undesirable players has continued to grow in recent years, and it is clear that he took the risk of coming to Paris. Where others failed before him. In particular a certain Hatem Ben Arfaprofile on his record as a tough, elusive and charming player.

Hard place to take

In fact, Renato hypostases He must prove himself to dream of a time behind the Infernal Trio Messi Neymar Mbappe. Not knowing the fate Hatem Ben ArfaThe Portuguese will have to catch up. If Marco Verratti’s midfield place seems impossible to dislodge when he’s in attendance, rookie Vitigina has stood out during the summer’s preparations. Observers expect Renato hypostases Only a complementary role in the workforce. Likely to replace Marco Verratti during his absence, the former player in Bayern Munich It can count on noticeable physical strength. Sometimes irregular loss, his playing time in Paris can be significantly reduced. Unless he finds consistency and manages to make differences in Ligue 1, as in Champions League. Paris needs this kind of player, capable of bringing madness and more to sinister matches. On a dribble, in a pass, in a flash of genius, Hatem Ben Arfa as such Renato hypostases He knew how to show they were capable, before PSG. HBA broke his teeth trying to become a park prince. It remains to be seen if his successor will find the keys to avoid facing the same fate. On paper, the Portuguese have better luck than the French.

Full schedule for the 2022-2023 Paris Saint-Germain season

day 1
Clermont – Paris Saint-Germain, August 6

the second day
Paris Saint-Germain – Montpellier, August 13

day 3
Night Paris Saint-Germain, August 21

the fourth day
Paris Saint-Germain – Monaco, August 28

day 5
Toulouse, Paris Saint-Germain, August 31

the sixth day
Nantes – Paris Saint-Germain, September 4

the seventh day
Paris Saint-Germain – Brest, September 11

day eight
Lyon – Paris Saint-Germain, September 18

ninth day
Paris SG – Nice, October 2

day ten
Reims – Paris Saint-Germain, October 9

Today 11
Paris Saint-Germain – Marseille, October 16

twelfth day
Ajaccio – Paris Saint-Germain, October 23

thirteenth day
Paris Saint-Germain – Troyes, October 30

14th day
Lorient – Paris Saint-Germain, November 6

fifteenth day
Paris SG – Auxerre, November 13

Sixteenth day
Paris SG – Strasbourg, December 28

seventeenth day
Lens – Paris SG, January 1

Eighteenth day
Paris SG – Angers, January 11

nineteenth day
Rennes – Paris Saint-Germain, January 15

Today 20
Paris Saint-Germain – Reims, January 29

Today 21
Montpellier – Paris Saint-Germain, February 1

Today 22
Paris Saint-Germain – Toulouse, February 5

Today 23
Monaco – Paris Saint-Germain, February 12

Today 24
Paris SG – Lille, February 19

Today 25
Marseille – Paris Saint-Germain, February 26

Today 26
Paris Saint-Germain – Nantes, March 5

Today 27
Brest – Paris Saint-Germain, March 12

Today 28
Paris Saint-Germain – Rennes, March 19

Today 29
Paris SG – Lyon, 2 April

Today 30
Nice – Paris Saint-Germain, April 9

Today 31
Paris SG – Lens, April 16

Today 32
Angers – Paris Saint-Germain, April 23

Today 33
Paris Saint-Germain – Lorient, April 30

Today 34
Troyes – Paris Saint-Germain, May 7

Today 35
Paris Saint-Germain – Ajaccio, May 14

Today 36
Auxerre – Paris Saint-Germain, May 21

Today 37
Strasbourg – Paris Saint-Germain, May 27

Today 38
Paris Saint-Germain – Clermont, June 3

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