Parisian restaurant accused of racism after refusing entry to blacks

Support video for three young women On Wednesday, July 20, the Parisian restaurant Manco was accused of racism, after he was prevented from entering the establishment despite his reservations.

It all starts on Saturday 16th July. In the photos, posted on the social network TikTok, young women who speak French and English appear dressed in high clothes, sparkling and wearing high-heeled shoes. They introduce themselves in front of the establishment located on the famous avenue Montaigne, at 8e Paris department, but security guards prevented access to it, arguing that they are not wearing uniforms “evening”.

This is my first experience with racism.

On the other hand, we can see on the same photos that white people enter the institution without difficulty and do not strictly control their clothing. When a pair of blacks dressed in equally elegant clothes arrive, the security guard refuses entry to them as well. “The only reason he was able to find it was because the man was wearing Gucci sweatpants.”, writes the young woman who shared the video on TikTok. The latter did not respond to requests from Globalism.

“It already exists…”And the One of the young women we hear in the video sighs. And to add that ” he is [s]First experience of racism.

After broadcasting the images that were widely spread on social media, Al Manco published a press release that he presented his “excuses”. After the incident that occurred Saturday evening in Paris, Almanco apologizes. Manco respects the values ​​charter that promotes equality, respect, tolerance and charity for all. The necessary penalties were taken immediately and permanently.The administration said on the social networks of the institution.

call him the scientist Thursday, a spokesman for Manco clarified that the institution, which learned of the incident on Tuesday evening, on social media, “Proceed immediately [ses] I apologize to these three young women.”. “We are like everyone else shocked by what happened, it is something that should not happen. It is against our values.”says Manko, describing the facts Isolated work. The organization also requested the dismissal of the security officer from the company responsible for security.

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A man presented himself on Instagram as the accused security guard – when writing our article, the account is no longer publicly available – he claimed to have “Respect the wishes of the company’s employees”emphasizing “Push pots”.

A man pretending to be the offending security guard spoke on Instagram on July 20, 2022.

Manco denies the accusations. “What we ask of the security guard is to refuse entry to our establishment for people who are drunk, who use drugs or who are violent. We have never asked a security guard to stop anyone from entering because they are racist.”

call him the scientistAlba, which provides security for the restaurant, claims that the agent in question has “misjudge” And that he won’t be entrusted with Manko’s security anymore, but that’s how it is “He never lost his job”.

Rights Defender Alert

In response to this issue, David Giroud, deputy from La France Incomes from 8e northern circle, Advertise on Twitter After he wrote A question for the government about acts of racial cleansing in places open to the public He said on the same social network that he also alerted the rights advocate.

Parts of the reply have been sent to Mr. Girrod.We’re assured of Manco’s side.

The institution is not the only one that has been subjected to such accusations. In 2018, L’Avenue, a brasserie from the Costes group, was installed at 8e Paris district, very popular with the stars, has been charged In a survey BuzzFeed News take ‘Creating a real discriminatory system’Removal “Arabs and the veiled”in particular by rejecting reservations with Names of Arabic origin or “Tourists from the Middle East (target countries are Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia)”.

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