Pascal Obispo, Lara Fabian, Kamel Wali… Tribute rain

Daniel Levy died Saturday at the age of 60. On social networks, praise is pouring in. Here are a few.

Immediately after the announcement of the singer’s disappearance on Saturday evening, many personalities took to their social networking sites to pay tribute to him.

Pascal Obispo

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“Man, voice, brother, our brother is gone… the voice of the sons of the wills. No matter how hard I search for words, I can’t find anything good enough. Embed Tweet It was great, it was good, it was us,” he wrote on his Instagram account.

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full wali

The choreographer of the musical “The Ten Commandments” praised his companion on Instagram: “We have shared so many wonderful moments together, and left one of the greatest voices in the world. So sad in my heart. My prayers go out for your family. You have identified more than one generation, and your voice will resonate forever.” In all of our hearts.

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Amal girl

“For me, Daniel had one of the most beautiful voices in France, and with his groove, warm timbre, music, pace and passion, this hipster has built a wonderful bridge between French diversity and soul/R&B. Out of respect for this wonderful artist and tremendous singer who gave So many people desire to love and sing,” the star commented, Time’s Instagram Story.

Patrick Broil

“Daniel Levy is leaving… We started together. He’s at Bastille, Florent and I at 20 at Les Halles… and we met around the piano to share our 20 year hopes and musical dreams… How many nights, songs, smiles and then that sound” Who came from so far…Farewell Daniel…My most loving thoughts are to his wife Sandrine and his children.”

Lara Fabian

“What a tremendous sadness … I will remember your rare generosity and your very unique and unforgettable voice … Thank you for these shared musical moments … Rest in peace my dear @daniellevi_officiel,” the star testified, in a legend memorial video.


The anchor on Instagram wrote these words: “What a sadness. Daniel. The last time we saw each other was two years ago. I came to testify about your battle against colon cancer on Stars à nu. Your hair was a little less but your voice, your kindness, your generosity and your faith were still there. There. I explained your illness with dignity and insisted on the importance of an examination. Let this terrible news serve us at least as a lesson. From the piano bar where we came to see you 25 years ago to the top of the Ten Commandments, your voice will still be engraved. I think of your family, with whom I wholeheartedly in my heart in This dire ordeal.

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Linda Hardy

“Sadness this evening to learn that you have left to join the angels, this man, so humble, so generous, and so talented, this voice which has bothered me so many times. I have had the honor to participate in a song in one of his great initiatives for the benefit of my caregiver during confinement, and then we have exchanged several times here always With so much heart, kindness and simplicity. It is this simplicity, this kindness and this generosity that makes great artists and great men,” the actress wrote on Instagram.

Rima Abdel Malik

The Minister of Culture praised the singer via a message on Twitter: “Daniel Levy was a unique and powerful voice. He also fights: the climate, the caregivers, the fight against racism, the support of Lebanon, he has never hesitated to commit to making the world a little better. My deepest condolences to his family and loved ones.”

Cyril Hanouna
“I am very sad to learn at the moment that Daniel Levy has left us. I think so much about his loved ones. He was a great talent and an example of humility. We will miss him. My deepest condolences to his family,” the host replied on his Twitter account.

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Christian Estrosi
“Very sad for the disappearance of Daniel Levy, the wonderful voice of the French song and the wonderful translator of Moss in the music ‘Les Dix Commands’. He will have fought so bravely in the face of illness. My sincerest condolences to his family and loved ones,” the mayor of Nice wrote on Twitter.

Christopher Beaugrand
“What a shocking news… what an extraordinary man… what a voice… we lose a being who has made our lives just a little better. Mr. Daniel Levy, we love you, and we will continue to love you,” the host replied on Twitter, sharing an emotional moment From the show “Stars à nu” in 2021, where Daniel Levy mentioned his illness and encouraged him on screen.

“Of course one day goes and another approaches …,” the singer wrote on Twitter, accompanied by this message, with a beautiful black and white photo of Daniel Levy.

Cyril Feraud
“A massive sadness. Goodbye Daniel Levy. This magical moment, your generosity and generosity will remain engraved in my heart forever,” the host replied on the social network.

Mayer Habeed
“What a tremendous sadness!! Daniel Levy Leaving Us This Saturday 9 av!! A day of mourning in the Jewish calendar! It was gigantic! Divine artist! My friend ! Attached to the roots!! To Israel, to France! Moreover! Affectionate thought for Sandrine! Shalom Haver,” tweeted the deputy of the French living abroad.

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