Patrick Bruel involved in the terrible nursing home scandal in France: what happened?

Patrick Bruel finds himself at the center of a major scandal. scandal around insulting our elders In some nursing homes. In fact, his name appears to be featured in a book on the subject.

To get to know Patrick Broel

Patrick Broil He first appeared in the cinema with the biggest names, and then in the theater. He wouldn’t release the song until after he turned in several films in the ’80s. His second album in the early 1990s, with the song “Alors look”, was a huge success. Then he became one of the most respected singers of this decade.

What comes next only reinforces the absurdity of Patrick Bruel’s place in iPad scandal. He remains deeply committed to the many political and humanitarian issues close to his heart. Such as fighting racism, starvation and even freedom of expression. He does not hesitate to express his thoughts in his songs or reveal them during his interviews.

“Grave Diggers: Discoveries About the System That Abuses Our Elders”

Last January, the Vaillard editions published “Les Fossoyeurs: Discoveries about the System that Abuses Our Older Persons”. They cited several names in this investigation and accused the Orbea group of mistreating and embezzling elderly people. Among these names was the name Patrick Bruel.

And Le Parisien revealed, last June, that the singer received a sum of money for it holding seminars In five-star organizations dedicated to Orpea executives. At the same time, the elderly suffered from hell in nursing homes. On July 21, France Dimanche reported that the elderly were victims of malnutrition and violence.

Three former directors, having written Les Fossoyeurs, have made some revelations. Three planes are leased each year to take executives to dream locations.” And they went to admit that they were I left to celebrate in Faro in Portugal, in Marrakesh, in Dubrovnik [en Croatie, ndlr]. And every time it was wonderful. The group paid off the biggest stars to perform in front of us: We’ve tackled Patrick Bruel, the Gypsy Kings, the wizard Mesmer, or even Mica. All of this had to be financed. And we knew the suppliers were donating the money that was used for that. We had no evidence. But Bastide and Hartmann salespeople [fournisseurs de matériel médical financé sur la dotation de l’assurance maladie, ndlr] Talk to us about it regularly…”.

Not the first Patrick Bruel scandal

Although he was indirectly involved in this scandal, the name So Patrick Bruel is already contaminated. It does not seem that this is the first time that the singer has been embroiled in a scandal. As France reveals Sunday, a private performance of the 63-year-old singer caused a scandal in 2012. Apparently it was organized for a bar mitzvah for Arnaud Mamran’s eldest son. He was spotted by the police as part of the “French crime” for falsifying a value-added tax on carbon quotas. His son’s bar mitzvah’s number was $5 million.

In addition, Patrick Bruel’s name has been tainted recently. But this time by impersonators seeking to discredit him. So he no longer had any credibility with the French. Fortunately, as mentioned above, it appears that Patrick Bruel is indirectly involved in these scandals. The case remains to follow close up…

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