Perpignan: Mysterious Cloche D’Or Investor Lawyer Reveals Nature of Eleven Trademarks

In the television series of the eleven institutions on the rue de la Cloche d’or in Perpignan, the lawyer for the individual or collective investor, whose identity remains confidential, revealed the content of the project for the first time.

A complete mystery that seems to escalate through weeks and series. It is hard to describe the rue de la Cloche d’Or relationship otherwise. This artery in downtown Perpignan is the scene of a succession of transactions where new buyers of the eleven companies, which until then owned businessman Abi Nader Shukri, came forward, masked, without revealing their identities. But a dramatic turn of events on July 21, through their lawyer Anna Eliasin Maalawi, registered with the Paris Bar and a Perpignan citizen, reveals the nature of the eleven trademarks that the partners wish to install in the acquired business. While he refuses to reveal their names.

Because these eleven buildings, which Abi Nader Shoukry first bought in 2020 (see box), were taken over on April 22 by a group of investors, represented by a spokesperson, on the condition of replacement of at least six companies. There is no name to circulate after that. With one exception: Nasdas. The Saint-Jacques influencer could be part of the project, but his manager officially denies this information. But the noise continued to spread. Even finding an echo in the Perpignan City Council. At the table, formally, Mayor RN Louis Elliot assured the Perpignan Council on June 22: “Our services have received a Declaration of Alienation Intent (DIA) in relation to these eleven well-known businesses. We were received by the seller this morning who confirmed our concerns. He plans to sell to companies that are involved in serving halal food“.First Judge Hammers as Firms.”Very rich and owned by overseas investment funds‘, particularly ‘G la Dalle’, to buy back these eleven businesses for ‘1.35 million euros in total..

When asked about it, I, Eliasin Maalawi, confirms only two points: the deal for the eleven companies was executed on April 22 and also the price of 1.35 million euros guarantees: “It is the evaluation after the work done on these works“But who are the investors?”I represent a company. I can’t get past that.“..why did he take the floor after three weeks of the municipal council?”It takes the wisdom of the answer that is not at the moment T and has not been a national priority neither for me nor for my clientsAccording to our sources, the lawyer was going to take over the file recently. Is Nasdas influential in the project?I can’t answer it“.

Organic restaurant, perfumes, kebabs, anti-stress accessories…

On the other hand, the lawyer discloses the intention of the investor(s). “The project implemented so far by several buyers will consist of establishing a school support center, beauty salon, perfumery, hairdressing, organic restaurant, oriental grill, chip shop, ice cream parlor in Istanbul, salon ready-to-eat shop, a comedy club-style talent incubator, artisan kebabs, a shop that offers anti-stress items, a collaborative space open for neighborhood youth to promote initiatives and a solidarity grocery store“.

If a lawyer is speaking today, he is therefore to defend a process through whichIt clearly shows that only halal is the remaining aspect, that it is merely a supplement to a public program whose sole purpose is the dynamism of the city, a goal inevitably shared by the municipality.“.But, also and above all, trying to persuade the municipality not to preempt the eleven companies to become the owners, thus sounding the death knell for this project.”Pre-emption evolves in a strict legal environmentEliasin Maalawi writes to me, It is necessary that he find this use as a corollary of the existence of a standard of public interest, to argue that the specter of halal meat cannot fulfill this legal duty“.

Because Louis Eliot had already done a city council survey, on June 22, about the possibility of pre-empting or buying these eleven buildings. The opposition has appealed LR first option. Louis Eliot did not reveal his choice. The city can exercise this right from 2 to 6 August at the latest. The file is on the table.

The story of these eleven businesses

A reminder of the facts.

In 2020, businessman Abi Nader Shoukry bought 11 companies on Perpignan Street to create the artery of gourmet project. Each sign must correspond to a culinary specialty. The idea was that customers could sit anywhere on the street, order whatever they wanted from different addresses and pay their total consumption on one bill. The project provides 320 seats outside and 250 inside the facilities.

But this plan has been on hold for several months. Four buildings that were to accommodate 70% of the gourmet artery were the subject of an imminently risky decision. Big security work, very expensive, has to be done there.

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