Photos of Mbappe and the players having fun on the tatami with Rainer at the Judo Temple in Tokyo

Several Paris Saint-Germain players, including Kylian Mbappe, took to the tatami mats at the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo on Thursday, along with Teddy Renner, the star of the French team and club. They even wore a kimono.

Some Paris Saint-Germain players left their soccer jerseys on Thursday, during the club’s tour of Japan, to learn about judo. It is clear that this is the luckiest of the lucky ones. Marquinhos, Achraf Hakimi, Juan Bernat, Tilo Gerer and Mauro Icardi went to the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo, a standard training center for world judo. They were accompanied by several members of PSG’s judo division including Teddy Reiner, triple Olympic champion (two apart) and ten-time world champion, and Jamil Bouras, department head and former Olympic champion in 1996.

Paris Saint-Germain players learned judo with Teddy Renner on Thursday, July 21, 2022 in Tokyo
Paris Saint-Germain players learn judo with Teddy Renner, this Thursday, July 21, 2022 in Tokyo © RMC Sport
Kylian Mbappe signs his autograph kimono stretched by Teddy Renner, this Thursday, July 22, 2022 in Tokyo
Kylian Mbappe signs his autograph kimono stretched by Teddy Renner, this Thursday, July 22, 2022 in Tokyo © RMC Sport

Japan’s champion Tadahiro Nomura (Triple Olympic Champion) and Shuhei Ono (Double Olympic Champion) hosted this crossover between the two club divisions. They showed the Parisians around the facilities before offering them any work. The moment Kylian Mbappé and Presnel Kimpembe chose to invite themselves to the show and wear a kimono like their partners.

Mbappe on the ground, facing Hakimi Reiner

In turn, they rubbed shoulders with local heroes, who were very lenient in their hunting. Captain Marquinhos led the way through “fighting” Tadahiro Nomura. He focused heavily on the advice of his esteemed opponent, then joined the ranks of the tenant a little in the direction of his teammates: “Good luck guys.” Kylian Mbappé did not miss his turn against Shohei Ono, who brought down the French star.

Kylian Mbappe tried his hand at judo in Tokyo on Thursday, July 21, 2022
Kylian Mbappe tried his hand at judo in Tokyo on Thursday, July 21, 2022 © RMC Sport

So happy to share his passion with his fellow footballers, Teddy Renner showed him how talented he is against Achraf Hakimi, Mbappe’s great friend who called on Renner not to rein in his grip on the Morocco international: “Go – don’t hesitate!” Command. Presnel Kimpembe, shamelessly demolishing Nomura, who has avenged his next contract. Thelo Kehrer challenged the beauty of Boras. Juan Bernat and Mauro Icardi remained spectators. Then the entire workforce attended a combat demonstration. Then Keylor Navas tried to train in a mixture of judo and wrestling. This start was very much appreciated by football players. But also for Teddy Riner.

It’s a beautiful thing, it’s changing. Especially in Japan. For us, it’s home. It’s a country where I like to train at least two or three times a year. Share this with them, it’s great. I’m glad we’re here with Guadeloupe. A big part of the club, and to exchange judo and football, because once we have time to do it. It is a pleasure for all club members.”

Coach Teddy’s advice to football players

The patrons of Christophe Galtier have already shown unconditional joy and interest in the place. Teddy Riner also discovered a comfortable and impressive climate among his visitors today. A harbinger of a great season? He said: “I’m not a professional to anticipate if they’re going to have a big season. They have the workforce for them. The main thing is that the heart stays. I get the impression ‘there’s a good atmosphere and that’s what should take precedence in getting a good group to win.'” It’s Coach Teddy who’s talking! “

“Coach Teddy,” specifically, could he turn into an advisor to his team’s players? “At the moment, this has not yet been shown to me, he said. But I have already been asked quite often to intervene in Ligue 1 clubs. Little by little it is done but it happens especially when I have the time because I am still active. Above all else. You have to find the words for that.”

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