Pinault’s private jet for Mandanda? “False information,” the guard laughs

He would wear number 30, his favorite number that he often wore in OM and even at Crystal Palace. Arriving at Stade Rennais a few days ago, Steve Mandanda spoke without swinging on Monday in front of the press. Banned from competition by Pau Lopez, a player who had been playing since 2007 at Marseille chose to leave his cocoon at Var to join Brittany for two seasons. A new challenge for the 37-year-old goalkeeper, the most capped player in Olympique de Marseille history. “It’s a well-thought-out choice. The first calls took place at the end of the season. I bonded well with Flo [Florian Maurice, le directeur technique rennais] And I talked a lot with the coach. It wasn’t an easy choice but I was sure it was the right time. “It’s time for me to change,” said the 2018 world champion.

Before accepting Rennes’ proposal, the OM goalkeeper thought long and hard. He also had to discuss with his wife and family this sudden departure, after fifteen years in Marseille. “My family is coming to Rin,” said the doorman, a little embarrassed at a colleague’s question. And what’s the rumor about lending a private jet to the Pinault family to go see their kids? “This is false information,” Steve Mandanda replied with a smile.

“Finding a Way Out” by Alfred Gomes

If the tricolor goalkeeper agrees to come to Rennes, it is above all “play”. “The club is very ambitious, it wants to go up. I am here to help it achieve its goals.” Last season, Stade Rennes completed training in fourth place after a crazy year in attack and will play in the Europa League next season. “We want to maintain that ambition to score a lot of goals, to have an offensive plan. But we also want to achieve stability. You can’t lose twelve times in a season. Steve, we want you to bring us what you brought to OM,” Florian Morris explained. .

After Nayef Aguird lost to West Ham, Stade Rennes must part ways with Alfred Gomis. The club told the team’s goalkeeper that they are not counting on him for next season. Without being absurd, the person who took the position from fellow countryman Edward Mendy was not decisive enough in the eyes of his leaders. “It is not easy for him. The goal is to find a way out for him,” the coach admitted. Still looking for a defender or two, the club has put Umtiti’s profile “on hold” and is still active in recruiting Brazilian Morato (Benfica) and South Korea’s Kim Min Jae (Fenerbahce).

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