PlayStation and Xbox: The new clash that rocks video games!

In the Daily List on August 11th, we begin by honoring the Fantasy Tower, which has already been a huge hit! We continue the new showdown between Playstation and Xbox, before ending with the SVOD “war”, where Disney has just overtaken Netflix. Dilly, let’s go!

A new clash between Xbox and PlayStation

Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard was announced a few months ago. This staggering $69 billion deal is a true industry record and will allow Xbox to significantly expand its game catalog with columns like World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Diablo and Call of Duty. This soon-to-be-completed acquisition will not satisfy Playstation, the eternal rival of Xbox. Before validating the deal, the authorities wanted to question companies in the sector to understand the consequences of this acquisition. Sony then announced that the acquisition of Activision, and therefore Call of Duty, would in practice be unfair competition, as licensing is important enough to encourage players to switch consoles. In the midst of these statements, we learned that Sony will pay a “blocking fee” to prevent developers from adding their games to Xbox Game Pass. If that turns out to be true, it wouldn’t be too surprising, knowing that it wouldn’t be the first time Sony has banned developers, having already banned cross-play on PS4 for years.

Genshin Impact has found a competitor!

From today, Tower of Fantasy can be experienced on PC and mobile. The MMRPG published by the giant Tencent company has a good chance of becoming the number one contender for Genshin Impact. Tower of Fantasy takes the main lines of the MiHoYo game, but stands out by adding what it lacks, Genshin Impact is not yet an MMO. So it is possible to live the adventure in a group in the fantasy tower. This new open world game has other advantages, such as a fairly complete character creation system, and a world rich in activities, beyond traditional dungeons. Tower of Fantasy is off to a great start: it’s already #1 for free games on the App Store, for example.

Netflix has been surpassed by Disney+

Netflix has been the #1 SVOD giant for a long time. Then the competition arrived, notably the Disney group which has three streaming platforms in the world. Combining the number of subscribers from Hulu, ESPN+, and Disney+, Mickey has overtaken Netflix with 221.1 million subscribers. At the moment, that number barely exceeds Netflix and its 220 million followers, although the service tends to lose subscribers at the moment. However, Disney’s picture isn’t entirely rosy: if its streaming services are gaining subscribers, their earnings don’t necessarily follow. Thus, Disney+ will have a new subscription with ads starting in December in the US, and a price increase to keep the experience going.

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