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After moving with great fanfare to Manchester United in 2016, Paul Pogba appears to be returning to Juventus almost as well as he left, with Massimiliano Allegri in charge of the first team and Andrea Agnelli in charge of the presidency. The reality is clearly different: inside an athletically and politically frail old lady, the French midfielder will attempt to relaunch a career that has been muted for six years now.

It is almost questionable why he left. Summer 2016. Paul Pogba is coming off the best season of his career to this day. He shines in Serie A with Juventus (8 goals, 12 assists), an essential part of the French team qualifying for the Euro final, a marketing and media phenomenon, and La Pioche occupies the forefront of hip-hop music in world football. So strong, so kind, so lucrative for Juventus that he takes him back for €105m to Manchester United, the player leaves a club he nevertheless loved so much. Paul Pogba is considered a superstar, and world stars are no longer late in the world Calcium. Those times are over. Six years later, the star returned to the solar system in Piedmont. Its radiation is weaker. More heat spread. But in Turin, Paul Pogba came to light the sacred fire of the club’s career that had little meaning for so many years.

love and pogba

Besides the code, what does this return say? For Pogba, one can think at first sight of the possibility of renewing sporting ambitions. According to media across the Alps, the player was to forgo half his wages (from 16 to 8 million euros). Which would make him the biggest salary in the team, along with Matisse de Ligt. The Frenchman also reconnects with the club and Tifosi, who booked him a triumphant return on Saturday, when the player went to the Juventus training center for a medical examination. The passion remains the same, but the reason encourages extra caution.

Inconsequential at Manchester United for three seasons, Pogba returned to Italy with a few questions in his bags. His ability to regularly shine at the highest level is part of a lot, even if the player hasn’t really been helped by the context of Manconian in recent years. His career will find nothing but a semblance of consistency in the France squad, especially during the 2018 World Cup, where it was clear that his contribution to the environment was key to the Blues’ success. In his documentary released in mid-June, the player discussed with the late Mino Raiola the difference between being presented in selection and within the club: “We have to find a club where you are as good as the selectionstates the latter. With the France team, you are the real Pogba, Pogba at Juventus, the Pogba that everyone loves…” So it is precisely to find ‘The Pogba that everyone loves’ That the previous mancunian number 6 is reset between Bianconeri. I’m not sure, however, that this old lady has the means to provide him with the long-awaited change.

The worn old lady

The Juventus that Piocz found is very different from the one he knew. Giuseppe Marotta, a transfer magician in Piedmont, has been on the run since 2018 to work wonders in Milan as Inter’s sporting director. Contrary to his old habits, Juventus had spent a lot of money to achieve uneven results. Of which 115 million euros transfer in addition to 30 in the annual salary to attract Cristiano Ronaldo into his net. A huge financial investment, which proved fruitless from a sporting point of view: with the Portuguese in his ranks, Juventus did not pass the C1 quarter-finals. for him all in Ronaldo also will not allow him to strengthen a structurally flawed workforce. Pogba – the 2015 C1 final holder in an environment that also included Pirlo, Vidal and Marchisio – will have to revitalize the sluggish midfield in black and white for many years. What Manuel Locatelli, for example, failed to do, is great at Sassuolo a year ago, but more ordinary since his arrival in Turin.

The fault lies largely with the masters of the Piedmont game. First for Massimiliano Allegri, who had already been in charge of Pogba from 2014 to 2016. the master. Since then she has locked herself in the shadow of deadly tactical conservatism, which has made her juventine The quietest big team in the tournament. Andrea Agnelli, coach of Juventus, appears satisfied with that at the moment. The boss of Bossus retains confidence in his coach, but he himself is politically weak. The failure of the creation of the Superleague – which made himself the number one defender – to which the frequent ups and downs of Juventus in C1 were added, weakened the image and image of the club. Maximo leader. Paul Pogba, whose career is not a model of sin, so plunges again into an unstable formation, burdened by doubts and plagued by the specter of his demotion. So the challenge promises to be enormous. The road is badly broken. But who knows? Along the way, there may be the real Paul Pogba waiting for his time. Pogba from Juventus, for six years now.

By Adrian Candio

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