Power cuts in Guyana: EDF users angry and confused

For the past two days, French Guiana has been experiencing a very long blackout due to accidents on the grid from the Petite-Saut power plant in Sinamare. On the night of August 9, there was a near-general blackout over the entire coast and that night, there were still long blackouts everywhere. What fuels the questioning of the population even their indignation.

On social networks, exchanges between Internet users are malicious, a sensitive energy issue in Guyana. Back on the rug, the State and Communities Administration and the EDF are on the electricity supply in the Guyana Territory. Unpreparedness, neglect, environmental lobby, everything went.

After a second night in the dark, many users are concerned that for some of them these cuts raise questions about loss of goods, discomfort, health and insecurity.

For this baker from Rémire-Montjoly, repeated cuts caused him a huge deficit:

“It’s complicated… We had some product losses because the cold rooms stopped working for several hours. The employee and I couldn’t work for several hours, and our pastry stocks ran out…”

This is a very disabling situation for this professional who does most of his production at night.

For individuals, these cuts represent a tricky sum that is managed fairly well depending on personal situations.

Louise, 80, has sleep apnea, sleeps with a continuous positive pressure (CPAP) machine that breathes air into her through a tube and mask, and has a heart condition. On the night of August 9, she began to choke and really thought her last hour had arrived:

“It took me two minutes to realize that the device was no longer working and that I was choking. At first I thought it was my heart. This is all very scary!”

Fortunately, this elderly person still had enough vitality to manage himself and not panic.
For the other workers, the last two nights were also trying.

Ludivine lives in Macouria, lives in the “Belle Mood” residence and suffered three wounds last night. These interruptions in his sleep did not change his mood, but rather his energy. We had to open the doors and windows hoping for some freshness. Unfortunately, this instead allowed the mosquitoes, which are present in this area, to invade the building and bite the residents badly.

“I hope this situation will not last long, two nights is a lot to make up. If this continues, I think there will be a strike movement … Moreover, the feeling of insecurity is great, because without electricity, our surveillance cameras are no longer working, it is completely dark But fortunately we have dogs.”

Jan lives in Matori, not far from Matorín. He criticizes these recurring wounds that last longer than anywhere else:

“Obviously we’re not in a premium area because we have big sale that lasts between 6 and 7 hours. It’s the 3e That we live in 24 hours, it’s boring especially in the middle of the night. It’s tiring, especially when you start early in the morning. Communication is poor. There is a lack of clarity about what is actually happening….”

In this regard, a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated the following:

“This morning at 1:58 a.m., a fault was detected on the HTB Petit-Saut Etoile line. The fault does not create a public incident but rather Causes the fourth stage of the separation of loads. The means of heat production remained connected to the grid and allowed the supply of energy.

Since 7:30 am, all customers on the coast have been provided with the means of heat production available. The evacuation line for Petit Saut hydraulic units is still not available.

The EDF SEI was mobilized to repair the line and called for reinforcements from the EDF group, including Enedis, to supply equipment and expertise to ensure, at the request of the Overseas Territories Minister, Jean-François Karenco, that the final repair was carried out.

Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni has been isolated and should be quickly reconnected to the main network. Generators will be sent from Guadeloupe in the coming days to deal with any failure.

As long as the final repair has not been carried out; Consumption moderation messages will be implemented to avoid or limit any necessary separation of loads.

The Minister for Overseas Territories, Jean-François Karenco, is closely following developments in the situation and shows his solidarity with all EDF agents mobilized on the ground to restore service, as well as with elected officials and concerned residents. »

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