Preview of Saints Row: The must-see open-world action-adventure game before GTA 6?

preview Saints Row: The must-see open-world action-adventure game before GTA 6?

A month before its official release (August 23, 2022) on PC and home consoles, Saints Row and its protagonist The Boss are finally allowed to get close. Will the open-world action-adventure game developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver keep all its promises? Is this reboot of the franchise a reliable alternative to Grand Theft Auto? Here are the first answers.

Preview conditions

During an event organized by Koch Media in the Paris region, JV’s editorial team was able to discover the first missions and the world of Saints Row (2022) during a 4-hour PC gaming session. The preview below focuses on the gameplay, the open world, and the technical side of the title. To learn more about the scenario, general concept of the game and customization, we invite you to consult our previous posts.

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Welcome to Santo Eliso

Saints Row (2022) stands out from the competition, primarily GTA, by its desire to offer a unique environment with multiple inspirations, as the Rockstar saga takes on the architecture and symbols of major North American cities (Los Angeles, Miami, NY). Designed by Volition artists from scratch, it’s nice to stroll through this city that’s divided into districts with a very distinct vibe. These districts, numbering 9, are full of activities of all kinds. El Dorado, Financial, Montevista, Rodeo, etc. It has culture, atmosphere, tones and sounds that are just their own. Walking around the city and discovering its secrets becomes an activity in itself.

Bigger – Better – Stronger is the creed of Volition in this new episode of the Saints Row series. However, US studios are not at any point trying to offer the largest open world ever created. On the contrary, they depend on a coherent universe that is brutal and rich in content. Between the main campaign, dozens of secondary quests, business development without forgetting the side quests, each one crazier than the other, Santo Ileso is the toughest game ever with dozens of hours of gameplay in perspective. However, beware of running into a certain excess caused by pasting virtual copies in the four corners of the map. Activities will have to be repeated frequently or you risk disappointing fans of the open world.

The Adventures of The Boss reboot takes advantage of an all-new game engine specially developed for the occasion by Volition Studios. This resolution allows Saints Row (2022) to offer partially destructible environments, real-time vehicle destruction, and visuals worthy of the new console generation (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S). However, this action-adventure game suffers from relative viewing distance, slicing (the appearance of items) and still animations that are too rigid. This replay, in turn, has a stable frame rate and resolution at the height of modern computers and consoles.

guerrilla art

The Saints Row franchise has never cut corners. The Chief and Saints gang never hesitate to talk about powder and take up arms to achieve their goals. This third-person shooter game developed by Volition takes the arcade gameplay that hit the previous episodes in the past. Battles and chases follow each other at a frantic pace with a penchant for anything presumptuous. Inspired by action films from the ’80s and ’90s, this action-adventure aims to be over the top in all conditions, within the reach of as many people as possible, without making it easy.

Saints Row is neither easy nor difficult. It manages, so to speak, to a dose of difficulty in order to deliver intense sequences as our heroes come close to death while avoiding frustrating conscientious players. Game Over sometimes knocks on the door, even if it turns out to be very rare. Above all, the title of Deep Silver is very interesting and fun to learn. The work is intended to be explosive, leave little to no relief for the boss, and encourage initiative. The mere fact of having to eliminate enemies in close combat to regain life or recover ammo activates many battles.

Sometimes tough, but not inferior and above all gracious, Saints Row does everything in his power to entertain his audience, even if it means getting caught in as many F*ck. Good for him, because the saga has always played this card skillfully. The series’ very distinctive tone, bold below-belt humor and punch lines by the dozen, make this new opus a worthy successor to Saints Row.Even if a slightly more realistic approach can upset fans of the first watch. Finally, Saints Row lives with the times, and is finally speaking to all of the gaming communities. “Be your own boss”…the Saints motto takes on its full meaning here.

Saints Row: The must-see open-world action-adventure game before GTA 6?

Our impressions

Can Saint Roe Overwhelm GTA? It’s hard to say after a few hours of gameplay, but the Volition and Deep Silver title is definitely fun, generous and fits right in with the saga. This action-adventure game offers players an open world of countless opportunities, exciting gang warfare, action and more action. Only a few technical errors encountered and hypothetical repetition can frustrate the plans of the president and his appearance.

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