PSG press review: Claremont, Neymar, Messi, notes…

Seen and read about Paris Saint-Germain in the French press on Sunday, August 7, 2022. The brilliant victory of Paris Saint-Germain at Clermont-foot (5-0), Neymar Jr on fire and back at a very high level, Lionel Messi delights Clermont and the Parisians’ rankings.

In today’s edition, the team Devotes his first page to victory Paris Saint-Germain calibration “Opening party. » Indeed, in their first game of the 2022-2023 season League 1and the players Christoph Galtier Held a real festival in Gabriel Monbide Stadium With a thunderous 5-0 win. Really cool in Champions CupAnd the Neymar Jr He continued his momentum by scoring a goal and providing three assists.

The 30-year-old striker was necked by his fans last season and put on the transfer list, and he has shown an attractive face since his recovery in July. Because far from the balance sheet, the Parisian number 10 has regained above all tremendous efficiency in recent gestures, “With a desire to prioritize efficiency over spectacle. There are still a few extra gestures (17 missed balls) but nothing to do with a particular era.” Moreover, the physical dimension is in progress. If he has not yet regained his pace in 2017 or 2018, the 30-year-old Brazilian “He has a strong downforce and has regained his first categorical acceleration (more than two or three metres). » Above all, it is important again over time. last night, Neymar He was decisive for the ninth consecutive time in all competitions (11 goals and 6 assists), his longest streak since December 2019 – February 2020. Saturday evening in Gabriel Monbide Stadiumattacker Paris Saint-Germain He was injured on every shot and did well in his defensive replacements. When placed higher on the ground, he can especially make use of good balls Marco Verratti And the Vitinha.

Another sign of birth Neymar Jr : her excellent relationship with Lionel Messi in the field. “These two expedite, interchange, and combine the lines”such as building a goalAshraf Hakimi. Finally, the mentality of the Brazilian has also changed. In fact, he applies the first pressure for his team and regularly covers heights Nuno Mendes in the left track. Despite the rumors of leaving, nay He reiterated several times his desire to continue with Rouge & Bleu and showed it on the field. ” If Christoph Galtier Found the key to making the most of “Ny”? »

The sports daily has more details about the Parisian performance at Auvergne (5-0). Just as in front of Nantes to me Champions Cup (4-0), the Parisians showed a charismatic and conquering face. Above all, Rouge & Bleu put on a real show in front of the supporters of Clermont, as evidenced by the acrobatic goal of Lionel Messi at the end of the game. He often has difficulty facing teams in the second half of last season’s schedule with A Kylian Mbappe As a savior, this time, the capital club “Keep on setting the pace, his attackers to press high, his midfielders to sweep or make turnovers, and his defenders to defend as they go.” and without one Morey Diao The author of many critical performances, the bill would have been heavier Claremont, all with a variety of Parisian entertainment. Between lightning transitions, game merging and duplication, the . file Paris Saint-Germain He quickly managed to confuse the opponent. beside that Neymar Jr, another player regained his luster. In fact, Lionel Messi Shines since recovery. A double author, he found the net in two consecutive sessions, the first since his arrival. With his friend Neymarwaiting Kylian Mbappeembody what? Paris Saint-Germain Creative, voluntary and amazing. »

  • Paris Saint-Germain player ratings (the team) : Donnarumma 5 – Ramos 5, Marquinhos 6, Kimpembe 6 – Hakimi 6, Verratti 7, Vitinha 7, Mendes 6 – Messi 8 – Sarabia 4, Neymar 9/ Galtier 8

from his side, Parisian It also highlights the good performance of Paris Saint-Germain. In their first outing of the season, the French champion showed a serious face and is already taking the lead League 1Waiting for other results today. So far without Kylian Mbappe, injured in the close, the brilliance of the Parisians, something impossible last season. The Gabriel Monbide Stadium He was able to enjoy a duet Messi Neymar in hell. “The Argentine is going at a fast pace, much more than last season, even if the players Claremont It gets stuck in its tail every time the ball is taken. And the Neymar Top scorer all around and three assists. » However, not everything is complete yet and some adjustments still need to be made. If the three defenders Sergio RamosAnd the Marquinhos And the Presnel Kimpembe They began to get used to it, Christoph Galtier I had to replace it several times. from his side, Gigio Donnarumma He will still have to work efficiently in his football matches. But this Parisian team is starting to take its marks, like a performance Vitinha. From now on, Parisians expect a more prominent opposition to confirm beautiful first impressions.

Ile-de-France daily also focuses on the performance of Neymar Jr. 10 of Paris Saint-Germain He took part in four of his team’s five goals (1 goal and 3 assists) and above all, showed that he was the right man at the start of the season. this is Neymar The 2022-2023 version is promising and sharp. as through Japan tour and on Champions CupAnd the “The Brazilian again seemed to sing the song of happy people with the ball at his feet.” With his prospects, his explosiveness and the quality of his passing, he gave a high performance. In addition, he showed lower and perfect tension despite the many flaws he had. “Proof that Neymar The new is back, scoring his 70th goal in 93 matches on Saturday League 1. Just Zlatan Ibrahimovic It was faster (87). »

repeat Lionel Messi, his acrobatic target will spread around the world. well served Leandro ParedesAnd the Bolga The audience is happy with Claremont Who gave him a warm welcome in return. Disappointing last season, the 35-year-old Argentine shows his true face. A goal praised by the coach of Auvernaz, Pascal Justin : “It’s a talent. What do you want me to tell you? Awesome! We can pay to see players like that! I’m lucky, I don’t pay, I get paid to see players like that. It’s extraordinary!”

  • Paris Saint-Germain player ratings (Parisian) Donnarumma 5 – Ramos 6, Marquinhos 7, Kimpembe 6 – Hakimi 7, Verratti 6.5, Vitina 6, Mendes 6 – Messi 7.5 – Sarabia 6, Neymar 8

finally, Sunday newspaper He also evokes this Parisian demonstration in Claremont. without Kylian Mbappethe offensive sector of Paris Saint-Germain In good shape. with Neymar Decisive four times, a Lionel Messi Double author, Pablo Sarabia, who “He is considered a rookie since he came back from a very successful loan period in Portugal. » Just a month after his appointment, Christoph Galtier He set up a real group. If we saw complicity on the grass, there was also joy in the stands. Nasser Al-Khelaifi And the Luis Campos Share smiles and whisper words. » Although he knows he will be judged based on Champions LeagueAnd the Christoph Galtier He has shown an attractive face since taking office and Nothing prevents us from appreciating the overall picture. »

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