PSY’s Gangnam Style launched the broadcast revolution a decade ago

Music – A decade later, our brain hasn’t forgotten about the catchy chorus of the chorus. the song Gangnam style By South Korean rapper PSY is already celebrating its 10th birthday. Few expected the scale and speed of her success, and how it would help her start the broadcast revolution.

When it was released on July 15, 2012, the hilarious music video satirized the wealthy Gangnam district of Seoul, and reached the world within weeks. The song reached 1 billion views on YouTube in just six months.

The distinctive “horse-riding” dance has spawned a plethora of parodies and parodies: on prime-time television in the United States, on the English football field and even in the White House. Then US President Barack Obama said his daughters taught him “really good Gangnam style”.

The power of online platforms and social networks

The title showed the music industry the power of influence of online platforms and social networks, especially for non-Western artists who do not perform in English. “Traditional marketing and advertising brochures have been thrown out the window,” said Bernie Cho, president of the Seoul-based creative agency DFSB and an expert on the South Korean music industry.

In 2012, the streaming industry was still in its infancy, providing less than 7% of worldwide music revenue, according to IFPI. But the amazing success of Gangnam style Help pave the way for artists around the world to not only publish their music but also earn online advertising revenue and get gig recalls.

Ten years later, streaming is the main source of revenue for the global music industry – 65% in 2021, according to the IFPI – with online content available via subscription services, YouTube or short video apps like TikTok.

Record the most viewed video

A few months after its release, Gangnam style It reached the record for the most viewed videos on YouTube, a place it has held for more than three years. As of June 21, 2022, it has been viewed over 4.5 billion times.

noise caused by Gangnam style And viral phenomena like the “Harlem Shake” in 2013 prompted Billboard to change the way it ranks, adding streams on YouTube and other platforms to its traditional record sales and broadcast numbers.

But Gangnam style It also rocked South Korea, and overnight became the country’s biggest cultural export and a source of national pride: K-pop groups that tried to break the international level before 2012 achieved regional success in Asia, without ever succeeding in imposing themselves on lucrative Western markets like the United States.

“PSY proved to everyone that instead of a Korean version of a Western or international pop star, what the world wanted was something very authentic, original, and unique,” ​​says Bernie Cho.

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